The perfect technology for reducing helium costs

Helium test gas is an essential part of customized leak detection systems. Pfeiffer Vacuum has developed helium recovery units which make it possible to recover and recycle the gas used in leak detection.

Porvair receives extension to gasification filtration contract

Porvair Filtration Group has announced that it has been awarded a further extension to its existing contract with Reliance Industries, announced in February 2013.

Flexible gas pressure reactors

Asynt has announced a range of compact gas pressure reactors designed to be heated and stirred using standard hotplate stirrers with the unique DrySyn adapter that ensures excellent heat transfer.

Lab Innovations adds major names to exhibitor line-up

UK’s only event dedicated to laboratory professionals, which takes place at Birmingham’s NEC on 2 & 3 November 2016

The XEMIS microbalance – opening up new possibilities in sorption analysis

Hiden Isochema is proud to announce the launch of the XEMIS, a new high accuracy sorption microbalance for precision weighing in extreme environments.

Optical gas imaging helps protect offshore oil & gas assets

FLIR Systems reports that remote visual inspection specialists - Inspectahire Instrument Company Ltd. (Aberdeen, UK) has used its GF320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras to provide hydrocarbon leak detection services to the offshore oil and gas industry.

Thermo Fisher Scientific simplifies gas chromatography column selection

Thermo Fisher Scientific provides you with easy access to its GC Column Configurator, an iPhone and iPad optimized selection tool that enables you to choose the appropriate column for your chromatographic specifications.

Analytical gas chromatography column

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc TraceGOLD GC Column with SafeGua combines an analytical gas chromatography (GC) column with a built-in guard column. The SafeGuard feature extends the life of the analytical column without compromising its chromatographic performance

High efficiency gas filter sleeves

Fibre filter media structure that provides a highly permeable matrix with a low resistance to the flow of gas

Cobas b 123 POC blood gas analyser system

Designed specifically to be used at the point of care, the cobas b 123 is ideal for use in critical care units, emergency rooms and other POC settings

Gas generators redesigned with additional compressor capacity

Petra Gierga outlines the benefits of new gas generators primarily used to supply analytical equipment (GC/LCMS) for the purposes of materials characterisation.

How grazinglands influence greenhouse gas

Grazinglands represent one of the largest land resources in the world, yet their role as net sinks or sources of greenhouse gases is essentially unknown.

Non-organic production of important greenhouse gas

A research team led by biogeochemists from the University of Georgia has discovered at the site a previously unreported chemical mechanism for the production of nitrous oxide, an important greenhouse gas.

Gas mixtures help preserve the quality of packaged meats

Myra Armson discusses modified atmosphere packaging and how gas composition and protocol adherence can impact on the appearance and quality of packaged meats.

Physicists observe magnetism in gas for the first time

An international team of physicists has for the first time observed magnetic behaviour in an atomic gas, addressing a decades-old debate as to whether it is possible for a gas or liquid to become ferromagnetic and exhibit magnetic properties.

Multi-dimensional gas chromatograph

The key hardware component of the MDGC system is a capillary-optimized pressure switching device that directs flow from the first column directly to a monitor detector or to the second column and detector.

Portable and precise gas sensor

A team of Princeton and Rice University researchers has demonstrated a new method of identifying nitric oxide using lasers and sensors that are inexpensive, compact and highly sensitive.

Protective gas adds a new twist to extended shelf life of liquid food

The liquid food industry is offered a new concept for extended product shelf life and a new packaging solution that has proved successful in Europe, Russia and China.

Dedicated industrial FT-IR formulti-component gas analysis

Thermo Electron Corporation's Nicolet Antaris IGS FT-IR gas analyser is designed for exceptional multi-component gas analysis.

Use of hydrogen generators to supply the gas for laboratory use is on the increase

The use of hydrogen generators to supply hydrogen for laboratory use is becoming increasingly widespread.






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