ÜberResearch secures investment from Digital Science

ÜberResearch, a technology company focused on providing data-led intelligence to providers of scientific research funding, has secured investment from Digital Science, a global software company headquartered in London and operated by Macmillan Science & Education.

£1m helps us better understand the impact of every charity pound

Many of the leading UK medical research charities are now using Researchfish to enhance their tracking and reporting of research outcomes, through a £1million project with the Medical Research Council.

Public to see impact of medical research funding

Europe’s largest store of open-access biomedical literature has joined forces with a leading online research outcomes system to connect research articles and grants with data on their impact.

Banning federal funding for human embryonic stem cell research 'would derail related work'

Scientists hope to understand and treat disease, and possibly to grow new tissues to replace diseased organs

Funding needed for climate-related health research

A recent commentary suggests that the U.S. should spend roughly $197 million more than it currently does to research the impact of climate change on public health.

Global health and medical funding soars

Well-heeled donors, private corporations and average citizens sending money to their favourite charities are changing the landscape of global health funding, according to a new study.

Intelligent Fingerprinting to be used in hospitals thanks to funding boost

New technology to detect drug-use through people’s fingerprints has been awarded a share of a £39 million healthcare grant. Intelligent Fingerprinting Ltd, a spin-out company from the University of East Anglia, has been given £425,000 to improve drug screening services in hospital A&E and coroners’ departments.





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