Next generation NMR and FT-IR spectrometers

The latest developments in spectrometry are focused on improved NMR and FT-IR devices. Sean Ottewell reports

Handheld FTIR for QA/QC applications

Spherical ATR Sampling interface enables the Exoscan to quickly and accurately analyse a wide range of materials typically encountered in the QA/QC lab, or at the production line

Portable FTIR analyser for Determining Water in Lubricating Oil

A2 Technologies has announced that the Ferrybridge Power Station in West Yorkshire, England, has selected their iPAL portable FTIR analyser for measuring the level of water in the lubricating oil used in the massive turbines at this major power plant.

Nicolet iN10 MX FT-IR Microscope Wins R&D 100 Award

Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 MX FT-IR microscope has been selected as an R&D 100 award winner by an independent judging panel and editors of R&D Magazine.

Dedicated industrial FT-IR formulti-component gas analysis

Thermo Electron Corporation's Nicolet Antaris IGS FT-IR gas analyser is designed for exceptional multi-component gas analysis.

ft-ir microscopy can help identify hit-and-run vehicles

For many applications in the areas of forensics, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and semiconductor development it is essential to analyse two-dimensional samples by infrared (IR) spectroscopy with high spatial resolution.

"The drawbacks of FT-IR are tackled, while NIR technology goes portable"

High cost and poor performance have hampered development ofFT-IR imaging technology in the past. All that could change withthe development of new detector technology. At the same time, advances in NIR technology have produced a portable analyser capable of laboratory-quality results.





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