Ultra-slim slimline transilluminators for working with small gels and samples

Transilluminators reduce operating costs and minimising UV exposure to the lab technician

Dental discovery to benefit forensic practitioners and anthropologists

Research shows that human milk teeth do not develop in the same way as adult permanent teeth. Forensic practitioners and anthropologists will be among those to benefit from new University of Kent research on the dental development of humans.

Chromatography: Clinical research and forensic toxicology screening

announced the introduction of a drug screening and confirmation solution for forensic toxicology based on its Thermo Scientific Exactive benchtop LC/MS () platform.

Automation dna typing system for national forensic databank

Tecan has signed an agreement with the South African Police Service to supply, install and provide customer support for its fully automated forensic DNA typing system. They will play a central role in South Africa's DNA databank.





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