Food & Hygienic FN Series Pumps

Food & Hygienic FN Series pumps have all body parts that come in contact with the liquid made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel belts for better hygiene in food processing

Staffan Karlsson highlights the hygienic advantages of using stainless steel-made belts in the food industry.

Real time process control for food manufacture

Real time process control for food manufacture has come a significant step closer, thanks to pioneering research work into viscosity measurement techniques for characterising the flow and mixability of highly non-Newtonian fluids.

Healthy food, unhealthy choices

Consumers may feel they have fulfilled a healthy eating goal even if they choose an unhealthy food, and the presence of a healthy option among food choices may draw their attention to the least-healthy choice available.

Keeping food fresh and safe

There is an increasing demand from the consumer for fresher, more natural and less processed foods and yet at the same time there is an increased expectation that food that is produced by a manufacturer is safe.

Salmonella and food pathogen testing

Oxoid Modified Semi-solid Rappaport Vassiliadis Agar is used for the selective enrichment of Salmonella species from food, environmental and animal faecal samples and conforms to ISO 6579:2002 Annex D.

Specialist information for the food sector

Food professionals need access to information, whether it is for keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and developments or doing background research for a project.

Maximising food safety

From primary food production and the food processing industry, down through the trade to consumers, safe and healthy food is a requirement for all types of food.

New material will keep packaged food and drink colder for longer

General Applications for Special Materials, is claiming it will change the food and drink packaging industry after developing an insulating material.

Satiety enhancers in food

Food manufacturers are trying to tempt consumers into buying food offering satiety to dieters and healthy eaters

Dust and static: what is the cost to the food manufacturing industry

Obviously it is uneconomic for food and drink manufacturers to invest in the type of clean rooms used in medical packaging and the electronics sectors.

Consumers increasingly perceive kosher and halal food as safer

New product development is being driven by consumer demands that are seeing kosher and halal foods being bought by a wider range of consumers.

Food and waterborne infections

Food and waterborne infections affect millions of people around the world. The social cost, in terms of suffering and loss of life, together with the economic burden is enormous.

Faster food safety productivity solutions

Thermo Electron has announced new environmental and food safety productivity solutions designed to accelerate traditional method validation processes.

Enforcement exercise reveals issues with irradiated food supplements

On 7th June 2002, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) published the results of a survey which found that a wide range of food supplements sold in the country were irradiated in breach of food regulations.

Report highlights potential risks for food safety and avian influenza

While avian influenza (AI) is recognised to be an infectious disease primarily affecting birds, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is continuously evaluating scientific evidence with respect to AI and food safety.

Modular processing system for production of fine food

With the keen competition by which the food market is characterised today, it is extremely important for the producers to keep pace with the quickly changing eating habits of the consumers.

Making junk food healthy

Junk food could be made healthier by adding an extract of an exotic type of seaweed, say British scientists.

Learning centre dedicated to food and drink

Food and drink manufacturers have been catapulted to the forefront of the drive to boost skills and productivity for the whole of the UK, thanks to the success of a bid for major government funding, led by Improve, the sector skills council.

Food development scheme boosts entrepreneurial thinking and skills

New recruits to the food industry will be well practised in the creation of new food products if they have attended the Food Science and Technology Department of University College Cork in Eire.






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