Food approval for liquorice extract

Opens up the use of the ingredient in a wide range of health and wellness supplements and beverages

Freezer provides food processors with quick start to cryogenic freezing

Suitable for smaller volume food processors and start-ups, says Air Products

Food processing coolers utilises high-velocity, plenum-directed fluid motion

Many pastas, rice, dry beans and vegetables can now be chilled from 200°Fto 40° - 50°F in 21 seconds with uniform cooling, less than one per cent product damage and significantly reduced time in the bacterial danger zone. By Jim McMahon

Making sure the food we grow is good enough to eat

Producing enough food to feed the world’s growing population is becoming a major concern. But making sure the food we grow is safe, nutritious and good enough to eat is also fraught with difficulty. A new Centre of Excellence for Post-harvest Biotechnology has opened to develop new technologies aimed at reducing food losses, improving overall quality and food safety.

Food research centre chooses ProtoCOL colony counter

Synbiosis' ProtoCOL automated colony counting system is being used at the Robert Mondavi Research Institute, a major US food and wine research centre, to speed up studies on the growth of a variety of bacterial pathogens in food

Massive international investment in new food science laboratories

Around the world, major investments in new food science laboratories are designed to bring the benefits of swift analyses to manufacturers and regulatory authorities. Sean Ottewell reports

Ensuring food safety with rapid contaminant analysis

CVUA-MEL aims to ensure food safety through vigorous scrutiny of potentially hazardous residues and contaminants

From nuts and spice to food on ice

Lab M’s fungal media range suits wide variety of foodstuffs

Food safe detectable/x-ray visible plastic

Plastic has the combined characteristics of being 'magnetically detectable' with the additional benefit of being 'x-ray visible'

Moisture consistency is key in food quality control

Adam Equipment’s PMB Moisture Balance offers the right features to provide the required consistency in measurement

Data logger for thermal mapping in food, pharmaceutical and lab applications

ITT Analytics' ebro introduces the EBI 40 multi-channel thermocouple data logger for high-accuracy measurement

Meet the hygienic challenges of food processing

The food and beverage processing industry is one of the most highly regulated industries and faces unique challenges, not least hygienically

Sample Concentration Techniques Benefit Food and Beverage Labs

Genevac has announced increased use of its EZ-2 and ROCKET evaporator systems by food and beverage laboratories for applications including quality testing of beverages, pesticide analysis in fruit and vegetables and determining vitamin levels in cereals.

Integrating Food Safety with Food/Facility Defense

As the ease and availability of foods improves, food safety and food defense concerns also increase. In 2010, American's are more aware than ever before of the impact that a contaminated food supply would have on public health.

Beating back food craving

Psychological acupuncture has been shown to be successful in reducing food cravings for up to six months in people who are overweight or obese.

High pressure processing in food preservation

Various forms of heat and chemicals are the usual methods of preserving food. Now, however, high pressure processing has overcome its traditional cost disadvantages and is sparking new business opportunities for food processors around the world. Sean Ottewell reports.

Thermometer transforms due diligence in food safety

Danielle Sensier explains the groundbreaking combination of Bluetooth and barcode technologies transforming temperature monitoring in the food industry.

Yoghurt's future as a functional food assured

Yoghurt consumption is increasingly seen as part of a healthy lifestyle by consumers. As a result manufacturers are finding it an ideal medium for delivering beneficial functional ingredients. Sean Ottewell reports.

Worldwide food alert system

Countries producing food containing harmful bacteria and toxins could be named and shamed more quickly using a worldwide alert system devised by a team of scientists.

Bacterial 'food supplements' for small algae

To boost their diet of mineral nutrients and sunlight, small algae also feast on bacteria in order to grow and fix carbon dioxide.






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