Blender provides microbiologists with quiet, clean, powerful blending

Automatic bag closing technology, ensuring the blending bags are tightly sealed to prevent unwanted leaks and spills

Fighting food insecurity

GEO announces launch of Early Warning Crop Monitor, a new tool to fight food insecurity

Chocolate physics: how modelling could improve ‘mouthfeel’

Molecular dynamics could be a valuable tool in understanding chocolate conching – the part of the chocolate-making process where aromatic sensation, texture and ‘mouthfeel’ are developed

DNA chip technology for testing food borne pathogens

Simultaneously tests 14 major types of food-borne pathogens in less than 90 minutes

Meat reference materials to safeguard food chain

Six new meat mixture reference materials developed by LGC scientists to help protect consumers from food fraud have gone on sale.

Reducing food waste could save the global economy $300bn a year

As the global middle class expands over the course of the decade, the cost could rise to US$600 billion, according to The Waste & Resources Action Programme

Stevia: the fast growing alternative to sugar

Natural sweetener derived from a plant native to Central and South America

Colour palette for macaroons

Barry Callebaut launches a user-friendly and qualitative way to colour macaroons

Clean label, gluten-free pasta

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients entered into collaboration with Italian University of Foggia to produce Westhove Maize 23

Global vitamin supplements market will reach US$59.6bn by 2020

Vitamin D segment to witness highest growth, according to a new market report published by Persistence Market Research

Reducing fat in cakes and biscuits

Biscuits containing the gel–in–oil emulsion showed a decrease of 21 per cent in total fat

The collagen cell carrier

Silke Busch looks at how collagen products produced for the food market have transferred to cell biology and biomedical applications

LycoRed expands natural beta-carotene production capacity

LycoRed announces the expansion of production capacity of its natural beta-carotene colouring line in response to the growing demand of food and beverage companies in the US, West Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Revolutionary “Salt Roasting” for convenient home cooking

Salt of the Earth reveals a chef’s cooking secret designed to enable consumers to easily enhance meat, poultry and fish recipes. Salt of the Earth will present the new line at Anuga, 5-9th October 2013, Germany.

To feed the future, we must mine the wealth of the world’s seed banks today

With fewer than a dozen flowering plants out of 300,000 species accounting for 80 percent of humanity’s caloric intake, people need to tap unused plants to feed the world in the near future, claims Cornell University plant geneticist Susan McCouch in the Comment feature of the July 4 issue of Nature.

LycoRed launches new lycopene colour line at the IFT

LycoRed Ltd. has developed new formulations of vegetarian red colourants as part of its Tomat-O-Red® line of tomato lycopene colour to be used in various food and beverage applications.

Food scares prompt analysis advances

Recent food scares are increasing demands on vendors for fast, efficient solutions to identify and deal with potential problems. Sean Ottewell reports

Firefly technology sheds light on food safety

Food contamination can now be detected easily by a new device based on the chemical which lights up fireflies.

Could eating insects solve world food shortage?

Creating tasty food items from ground-up insects could be a solution to global food shortages, according to Insects Au Gratin, an exhibition featuring 3D food printing technology.

Mass flow controllers for food and beverage processing

Precise flow control maintains process integrity and product quality






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