Manual colony counter

A quick and simple method of performing and recording colony counts

Laboratory blender for food microbiology testing

Seward introduces major new food sample preparation products

Phage against the machine

Geoff Harper reports on the scientists fighting the war against antibiotic resistance

Moisture analyser proves vital in food testing labs

Adam Equipment provides the PMB moisture analyser for use in food labs

High resolution separation of nanoparticles

Tool for the separation of complex particulate samples in areas including agriculture, cosmetics, the environment, food and nanomaterials

Dependable preparation of food samples

Seward introduces the all new Seward Stomacher 400 EVO laboratory blender, together with Stomacher 400 ECO sample preparation bags

Reducing sodium and boosting food flavour

All-natural ingredient is designed to simultaneously reduce sodium and boost flavour

Translucent chewing gum coating

The new coating has been made possible due to a sugar replacer that crystallises translucently

Assessing health impact of salt reduction

Study has demonstrated that small actions, such as reducing salt in soup, as part of a broader initiative of salt reduction, can make a difference in human health

Sugar seen as ‘friend and foe’ by European consumers

Sugar and carbohydrates play a key role in consumer behaviour when dealing with health concerns

Concentration of food and beverage samples containing volatile analytes

Evaporator systems are being used to safely prepare samples containing volatile analytes a wide array of food and beverage applications

High yield crops come a step closer

Crops that deliver a high yield could more easily be developed, thanks to new insights about biological processes that enable plants to grow efficiently

Autoclaves suited to sterilising larger bulky items

Of interest to laboratory managers sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare

Why the UK needs to tackle food waste

Study, which measured the waste produced across six member states, demonstrates how the UK needs to stop being a throwaway society

New whole protein

Mankai is a vegetable whole-protein ingredient with high nutritional value

ISO 22000 and integrated informatics

Trish Meek reveals the business best practices to meet global food safety regulatory challenges

Gently conveying and precise feeding of sensitive bulk foods

Food producers are exposed to a growing number of challenges and guidelines

Food training course comes to UK and Europe

Campden BRI named as IFT’s UK and European Partner for Certified Food Scientist training

European grant for artificial soils research

Grant will enable researchers to better study interaction of roots, soil and the microorganisms that live in it






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