LycoRed launches formula targeting men’s health

LycoRed Ltd. is entering the men’s health category with Lyc-O-Pro, a science-based formulation targeting prostate health.

Dying from a food allergy is less likely than being murdered

A person with a food allergy is more likely to be murdered than to die from a severe reaction, according to a new study.

Frutarom will market NovaSOL Curcumin

Frutarom Switzerland joins forces with Aquanova AG to market NovaSOL Curcumin, a solubilized, highly bioavailable form of curcumin for the dietary supplement and food manufacturing industries.

Seward Stomacher 400 used to ensure poultry is safe for consumption

As the world’s leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists, Seward’s Stomacher 400 Circulator has been used in a recent evaluation of international sampling methods for the microbiological analysis of broiler carcasses after immersion chilling.

Fruit and vegetable essence-colored low-sodium salt designed for kids

Salt of the Earth launches low sodium sea salt supplemented with fruit and vegetable essences at Anuga, 5-9th October 2013, Cologne, Germany, Hall 2.1, Stand C28/D25. WonderSalt helps facilitate the new, lower sodium intake targets for children.

Researchers reveal hunter-gatherers’ taste for spice

Our early ancestors had a taste for spicy food, new research led by the University of York has revealed.

In vitro meat can be eaten with ethical impunity

Today, putting meat on the table causes enormous suffering to animals and environmental damage, yet one day you will be able to eat meat with ethical impunity. In vitro technology will spell the end of lorries full of cows and chickens, abattoirs and factory farming.

Less water and energy used to make beer

The Worldwide Brewery Industry Water and Energy Benchmarking Survey, which is carried out by Campden BRI and KWA on behalf of the Dutch Brewers Association every four years, reveals that breweries have reduced their energy usage by over 17% and water usage by over 9% over the last four years.

Increasing antibiotic resistance drives expansion of Tetracyclines testing

Growing concern amongst regulatory bodies about human resistance to common antibiotics is driving expansion for veterinary residue testing.

Study reveals new dietary risk factors for colorectal cancer

Fizzy drinks, cakes, biscuits, crisps and deserts have all been identified as risk factors for bowel cancer, according to new research.

Exploring food riddles in rhythm disturbances

Drinking excessive amounts of cola and eating honey made from the pollen of Rhododendrons can cause unusual syncope (fainting) and symptoms of arrhythmia

Advanced technologies enhance meat packing solutions

At Meat-Up heat sealing specialist Proseal will demonstrate some of its latest technologies, including the new E-seal® and Vacuum systems, which deliver fast, cost-effective, quality sealing solutions for the meat industry.

Six top trends in B2B food and nutrition PR

NutriPR identifies six top trends of B2B public relations for the nutraceutical and food ingredient industries for 2014.

Sewtec unveils new R&D centre

Automation solutions specialist Sewtec, which designs and installs bespoke production lines for the food and confectionery industries, has invested £500,000 in the establishment of a stand-alone Research & Development Centre, to support customer projects and enable the company to further develop its range of robotic solutions and grow its business.

Innova Market Insights - Top 10 Trends for 2014

“Waste Not Want Not” and “You Can Trust Us” top the Innova Market Insights’ food & beverage Top 10 Trends list for 2014. Innova Market Insights will present its trends at this year’s FiE, Frankfurt on November 19-21, booth #8H88.

New ISO 4833-2 validation with easySpiral

Today, the Spiral method is recognized worldwide as a standard. Universities teach it as an alternative method to manual plating, and laboratories use Spiral platers as a must for their routine work.

Scientists determine crystal structure of Chinese milk contaminan

A team of scientists at the University of Hull has uncovered the crystal structure of melamine cyanurate, the substance thought to be responsible for the 2008 Chinese milk scandal, which caused around 300,000 babies to fall ill.

Frutarom and AB-Biotics join to promote an encapsulated iron

Frutarom Health, Switzerland, and the AB-Biotics biotech company, Spain, have signed an exclusive global Agency sale and marketing agreement for marketing AB-Fortis, an encapsulated iron solution for the functional food market.

Caldic opens up new possibilities in Asia for the food and chemical sector

Caldic B.V., distributor and producer of food ingredients and chemicals, is continuing its growth in emerging markets through the creation of Caldic India Pvt Ltd, based in Mumbai, India.






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