Food microbiology sample preparation

Stomacher 400 EVO ensures the quiet operation and enables easy one-touch loading for sample bags

Easing digestive comfort

Tolerase G is aimed at gluten sensitive consumers that follow a gluten-free diet or avoid eating gluten

High recovery extraction of analytes from biological fluids

Provides fast, reproducible and economical sample clean-up when used with a simple vacuum manifold or positive pressure device

Warding off food waste in the health sector

Philip Simpson explores the implications of wasting food, as well as how embracing recycling can drive significant cost and sustainability benefits for the health sector

Lab equipment showcase in Malaysia

Lab Asia takes place from 10th-12th October 2017 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Major investment in food science and security

Four new strategic research programmes will be funded over the next five years, to deliver fundamental insights into plant and microbial life

GC columns for food analysis

The Zebron GC columns have been specially developed for the analysis of FAME in food

Pumps enable reliable production of highly monodisperse droplets

Applications include the generation of emulsions and capture of single or multiple cells in monodisperse droplets

Proficiency tests demonstrate improved consistency of serial diluter

The results from the tests show a clear improvement in the accuracy and consistency of total viable count determinations

Top loading autoclaves

Targets food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, healthcare sectors as well as dedicated research establishments

High quality sealing

For operation in the life science markets including pharmaceutical and medical packaging

Polarimeter for measuring optically active samples

Temperature controlled measurement of optically active samples made easy with the new ADP450 polarimeter with XPC technology

Vibrating fork switch

Brings reliable level monitoring to demanding hygienic applications

Columns for fatty acid methyl esters analysis

New family of Zebron GC columns for fast, highly selective FAME analysis

New 1mm ID columns

Operate at very low flow rates and effectively separate small-volume samples

Testing times

Markus Bernasconi offers a new perspective on compliance testing in food and pharmaceuticals

Measuring total fat content

The Hydrotherm is an automated, fully enclosed acid hydrolysis system

Understanding pH in food

When measuring pH in food products, how confident are you in the accuracy of your results?

Artificial Intelligence: the solution to food waste at home?

App automatically suggests how long fruit, veg and frozen items will stay fresh

Energy efficient autoclaves

For laboratory managers in diverse industrial sectors such as food, drink, dairy, pharmaceutical, agricultural, education, healthcare






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