Drug discovery techniques focus on speed and cost reduction

Drug discovery relies on a huge range of techniques, from polymerase chain reaction analysis to clinical trial design. Here we highlight the latest innovations designed to cut costs and increase the speed of new drug discovery

Focus on enhanced assays to detect cancer cells

Demand continues to grow for new and improved assays to detect cancer cells. The latest technologies, as Sean Ottewell reports, focus on rare cancer mutations, colorectal cancer recurrence and breast cancer.

Farming needs to be global focus

The world's most prominent agricultural scientists and leaders underscored how neglecting agriculture in the Copenhagen agreement could lead to widespread famine and food shortages in the years ahead.

"Focus on food poisoning, seed selection, diet and productivity"

In the UK, scientists are using the beneficial bacteria known as probiotics to destroy food poisoning bacteria in poultry before it enters the food chain.

Vitamins In Focus

Food items, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, feed and, also recently, textiles ­ the spectrum of occurrence and supplementation of vitamins is broad and constantly growing.

Phase Focus signs licensing agreement with Gatan, the world’s leading manufacturer of instrumentation for electron microscopes

Phase Focus Ltd., the company that is revolutionising microscopy and imaging with its lens-free Phase Focus Virtual Lens® technology, has announced that it has entered into a Licencing Agreement with Gatan Inc., the world's leading manufacturer of instrumentation and software used to enhance and extend the operation and performance of electron microscopes.

Safety focus for food and drink lab analysis

Health, safety and even religious demands are ensuring that food and drink laboratory analysts need the very latest in detection technologies. Sean Ottewell reports





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