3D, 1000 X magnification imaging modality for preclinical research

New scanning technique will be particularly valuable to researchers tackling the complexities of translational medicine

Microplate reader can be customised for fluorescence and luminescence

Applications include ATP detection, toxicology, reporter gene assays, dual luciferase assays

Imaging-based plate reader for fluorescence and luminescence

Offers a choice of three sensor options; fluorescence only, low level luminescence and fluorescence and luminescence

X-ray fluorescence spectrometer integrates standalone lab instruments

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc as added a new and powerful addition to its range of automated optical emission and X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.

Fluorescence diagnosis by using a CCD camera system

Fluorescence diagnosis (FD) provides an innovative and promising technique for in-vivo diagnosis of dysplastic tissue and superficial skin tumours. Dr Gerhard Holst reports.

Monochrome microscope camera for fluorescence microscopy

Jenoptik Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH has further extended its range of high-grade digital microscope cameras.

New techniques revive Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)

Fluorescence energy resonance transfer (FRET) is widely usedin the study of molecular interactions and reaction pathways.As Peter Roberts shows, the introduction of new probes and labelling techniques will make the technique and even more powerful laboratory tool.

Improved detection limits withX-ray fluorescence spectrometer

Dirk Wissman looks at the monitoring of limits for heavy metaltraces in pharmaceutical products using an energy-dispersiveX-ray fluorescence spectrometer.

Modern trends in fluorescence and luminescence microplate assays

The development of both highly sensitive, flexible and fast instrumentation for effective and robust assay technologies has evolved quite dramatically in response to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry as it applies to drug discovery and development. Here, Silke Angersbach gives an overview of novel assay technologies used in drug discovery and high throughput screening.

Fluorescence Illumination Systems

Prior Scientific has released the most advanced microscope illumination product available - the Lumen 200 series fluorescence illumination systems.





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