Thermal imaging for biomedical research

Tissue autofluorescence spectroscopy is a technique that measures the intrinsic light emissions from biological agents upon excitation by a light source

Unlocking the secrets of hummingbird energy usage

Understanding the physiological mechanisms may open the door to broader, human medical applications

Detecting subtle heat differences

Suited to a wide range of applications, including use on test ranges, non-destructive testing, research, and scientific applications

Infrared cameras for monitoring manufacturing

FLIR Systems GF-Series infrared cameras are being used by chemical, pharmaceutical and many other manufacturing industries worldwide to ensure that existing air quality

Thermal imaging video tutorials

FLIR ResearchIR 4.2 software provides a comprehensive set of acquisition, diagnostic and data sharing tools

High speed stop motion infrared imaging

FLIR Systems has introduced the FLIR X6900sc as the world's fastest 640 x 512 pixel resolution thermal camera for high-speed science applications

High speed HD infrared camera for test range applications

FLIR Systems announces a new addition to its RS-Series of long-range infrared camera systems designed for range tracking, target signature, research, and scientific applications.

Improve thermal measurement of low emissivity targets

Clean, unoxidised, bare metal surfaces such as are found in many R&D applications have low emissivity

FLIR camera integration with MATLAB software

FLIR Systems announces that the latest version of its Research IR software. -ResearchIR Max version 4.2 gives users direct access to their MATLAB scripts within the software programme for the first time

Selecting an infrared camera for R&D applications

FLIR Systems has produced an guide entitled '7 Things to Know When Selecting an IR Camera for Research & Development'

Thermal research analysis software

Software provides acquisition, diagnostic and data sharing tools and allow users to arrange how images, data, charts and plots are displayed





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