Flexible high throughput screening system

BioCel System that offers the flexibility to be adaptable to accommodate today's High Throughput Screening (HTS) assays as well as new protocols and hardware

Flexible partnership key to operation of managed laboratory service

Roche Diagnostics demonstrated that they could provide an analytical and financial solution that met the aims and objectives of the Cwm Taf Project Team in Wales

Growing brain is particularly flexible

Using a combination of experiments, mathematical models and computer simulations they showed that neuronal connections in the visual cortex of cats are restructured during the growth phase and that this restructuring can be explained by self-organisational processes.

Flexible Automation of Plate-Based Workflows

The Agilent Direct Drive Robot has been designed for applications like drug target discovery or drug screening, where reducing cycle times means drugs travelling to market faster.

Streamlined, flexible operations demanded for control strategies

As two major new bio-investments show, the need for streamlined, flexible manufacturing is driving investment in the latest control technologies. Sean Ottewell explains.

Flexible platform and simple method for sample purification

PickPen magnetic particle technology from Bio-Nobile Oy offers improvements to the conventional magnetic bioseparation.

Flexible liquid handling combined with robotic manipulation for high-throughput

To meet requirements in the modern laboratory, a robotic system needs to be flexible, fast, accessible and easily integrated.

Biotech companies must remain nimble and flexible to maintain edge

A new business model based on an innovation centre and a capability network of third parties could help biotech companies reduce both the time and cost of getting new products to market. It is no surprise, therefore, that many companies are actively considering adopting this new strategy.

Fast and flexible capillary electrophoresis

Organic acids and anions are essential molecules in environmental and biological processes. Their determination is important for the food, pharmaceutical and other industries for quality control as well as for research purposes.

Flexible multi position heating block system

The DrySyn MULTI from Asynt allows scientists to perform safe, productive heating and stirring experiments with the widest possible range of laboratory glassware.





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