Scientists find genetic key to why some cancer patients don't respond to treatment

Researchers from Newcastle University have identified a gene variation carried by 20 per cent of the population which can significantly affect how patients with a rare type of blood cancer will respond to treatment.

Scientists find genes that make brain tumours resistant to treatment

Two genes have been pinpointed that can predict whether patients with a deadly brain tumour will respond to the gold standard treatment

Understanding of how mosquitoes find a host

The potentially deadly yellow-fever-transmitting Aedes aegypti mosquito detects the specific chemical structure of a compound called octenol as one way to find a mammalian host for a blood meal.

Pushing the brain to find new pathways

A recent article argues that health practitioners believe their clients need more time and motivation to reclaim lost functions, such as the use of an arm, hand or leg.

Application guide helps to find the right chiral separation approach

When faced with a new chiral molecule the chromatographer has to find the right column to quickly and reliably separate enantiomers.

How to find the perfect research partner for productive working

A large portion of clinical research projects are being carried out by contract research organisations (CROs) on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, and the proportion is growing.

Going for gold: chemists find new way to create building blocks for drugs

A new way to prepare biaryls - compounds that are essential building blocks in the creation of drugs and many modern materials such as LEDs - using gold as a catalyst is described by researchers from the University of Bristol in a recent edition of Science.

Nanotubes find niche in electric switches

Research finds that carbon nanotubes could significantly improve the performance of electrical commutators that are common in electric motors and generators.





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