Determining CHN composition of filter samples

Exeter Analytical has developed a sensitive and precise protocol for direct determination of total Carbon (C), Hydrogen (H) and Nitrogen (N) in air and water filter samples.

High efficiency gas filter sleeves

Fibre filter media structure that provides a highly permeable matrix with a low resistance to the flow of gas

Optimised filter plates

Optimised filter plate applications include cell harvesting, DNA separation, binding studies

Graded density filter for high flow production of Cryptosporidium-free water

Cartridges are proven to provide absolute control of Cryptosporidium oocysts in water used in ultrapure water industries

Wine Filter Benefits

Porvair Filtration Group has designed a unique double layer membrane filter for use in the wine industry. Vinofil membrane cartridges have been specifically designed for wine and sparkling wine filtration, as a final filter for cold biological stabilisation.

Rigorous filter manufacturing process

Porvair Filtration Group has announced its range of polymeric membrane filters is proven to meet the most stringent international regulatory guidelines.

Membrane Filter - Performance Validation Guide

Porvair Filtration Group, a leader in filtration and separation technologies, has developed a new 24-page validation guide for its Fluorofil membrane cartridges.

Meltblown Polypropylene Filter Cartridges

Pentair Industrial introduces the Versaflex Series meltblown polypropylene filter cartridges, delivering high flow rates and process compatibility for applications including food and beverage, oil, finish machining, solvents and others.

Filter for dissolution test in the best time

Whether a dissolution method is performed manually or automatically, the filter must be challenged in three primary areas: efficiency, adsorption and leachability.

Latest developments in carbon filter technology for recirculating fume cabinets

Robert Monks reports the development of a range of filters with environmentally friendly carbon.





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