Fighting fungal infections with bacteria

A bacterial pathogen can communicate with yeast to block the development of drug-resistant yeast infections, say Irish scientists.

Fighting Bovine Respiratory Disease

A multi-disciplinary team of scientists and practitioners is riding herd on one of the most challenging concerns of cattle industry: Bovine Respiratory Disease.

Fighting deadly staph infections

Researchers have found that two antibiotics working together might be more effective in fighting pathogenic bacteria than either drug on its own.

Fighting Ug99 and other wheat rusts

Wheat experts from 26 countries warn that rapidly-moving, wind-borne transboundary wheat diseases continue to threaten food security and wheat genetic diversity worldwide as they vowed new action to isolate and interrupt the steady march of dangerous wheat rust diseases.

Biotechnology: Fighting drug-resistant flu viruses

Scientists are reporting a first-of-its kind discovery that could foster a new genre of antivirals that sidestep resistance problems.

Bad breath fighting coffee

Researchers find that a coffee extract can inhibit the bacteria that lead to bad breath.

Fighting cardiovascular disease worldwide

One in three people die from cardiovascular disease (CVD), seventeen million every year.

Fighting persistent bacterial infections

Researchers have discovered a promising strategy for destroying the molecular scaffolding that can make Pseudomonas bacterial infections extremely difficult to treat.

Fighting cervical cancer

The virus responsible for most cases of cervical cancer has a serious weakness which may provide hope for new treatments for the disease.





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