Lead exposure decreases Indian children’s hand-eye co-ordination

Children completed three tests, including a drawing task in which they copied designs arranged in order of increasing difficulty

Phase 1 exposure escalation safety study with PMX-30063 antibiotic

In vitro study with PMX-30063 shows activity against NDM-1 drug-resistant bacteria

Melanoma not caused by early UVA light exposure

Early life exposure to ultraviolet A light does not cause melanoma in a fish model that previously made that connection, scientists claim.

Cow exposure linked to deadly infection

A common bacteria found in many healthy adult females that can cause life-threatening infections when passed to newborns could be introduced to some women through frequent contact with cows.

Tobacco smoke exposure increases risk of transplant failure

A study provides the first direct evidence that cigarette smoke exposure prior to a heart transplant in either the donor, recipient, or both, accelerates the death of a transplanted heart.

Exposure to nanotubes affects plants

With potential adverse health and environmental effects often in the news, scientists are reporting that carbon nanotubes could have beneficial effects in agriculture.

DNA changes linked to prenatal smoke exposure

A new study has found that the life-long effects of maternal smoking during pregnancy may occur through specific changes in DNA patterns.

H1N1 flu and arsenic exposure

The ability to mount an immune response to influenza A infection is significantly compromised by a low level of arsenic exposure that commonly occurs through drinking contaminated well water.

MR Enterography eliminates unnecessary radiation exposure

MR enterography is an effective tool to evaluate and guide treatment of patients with Crohn's Disease without exposing them to radiation.

HK flu exposure and reduced intelligence

A new study found that early prenatal exposure to the Hong Kong flu may have interfered with foetal cerebral development and caused reduced intelligence in adulthood.





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