Continuous fixed VOC monitor

PID series incorporates new ‘typhoon technology’ for added reliability in severe weather

New Czech – Chinese GD Nanodec R&D center inaugurated in Beijing

In the framework of a Czech – Chinese cooperation project in the field of nanofiber applications, a GD Nanodec research and development center was inaugurated in Future Technology City on 6 December 2013.

Plastics threaten health and environment

A researcher has undertaken a survey of existing scientific literature concerning the hazards of plastics to human health and to the ecosystems we depend on.

Genes, environment, or chance?

Biologists attribute variations among individual organisms to differences in genes or environment, or both. But a new study of nematode worms reveals another factor: chance.

Food waste is laying waste to the environment

Food waste contributes to excess consumption of freshwater and fossil fuels which, along with methane and carbon dioxide emissions from decomposing food, impacts global climate change.

Estimating nanoparticles in environment

Without knowing how much of an industrial chemical is being produced, it is almost impossible for scientists to determine if it poses any threat to the environment or human health.

Making sense of relative humidity in the cleanroom environment

Maintaining optimum environmental conditions, such as humidity and temperature, is essential for any workspace, but particularly so for a cleanroom environment.
Of these parameters, relative humidity (RH) is one of the most challenging to measure because it is a truly analytical measurement where the sensor must make direct contact with the environment.

Project studies links between genes, environment and disease

UK Biobank, a medical project aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other serious conditions has just been launched after several years of meticulous planning.

Safety and the environment in vacuum measurement

Vacuubrand's DVR 2 for the measuring range 1080 - 1 mbar with simultaneous analogue and digital measurement readouts combines a quick trend indication, an overview and a precise readout.

Validation thermocouple materials within the laboratory environment

Neville J Mitchell discusses thermocouple materials for validation within pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Texture testing protocols transfer into the commercial environment

The science of texture analysis in recent years has undergone considerable development to facilitate its practical application within the factory environment. Jon Hellyer reports.

safe weighing environment

Weighing hazardous or potent substances within conventional fume cupboards is problematic.

The design of standard cabinets creates a roll in the airflow, which disrupts the operation of sensitive analytical balances.

How Salmonella survives in environment

Scientists at the University of Liverpool have demonstrated how a single-celled organism, living freely in the environment, could be a source of Salmonella transmission to animals and humans.





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