Intelligently designed lab system

Test reagents for diagnostics can be packaged securely and flexibly with the ELISA-Kit Box. The clever and convenient packaging design also impressed the judges at the German Design Award

Ebola antigens and antibodies for ELISA

Products for the development of an ELISA detection assay for Ebola announced by Amsbio

In praise of the ELISA

Michael Childerstone pays tribute to the remarkable role of the ELISA in the life sciences industry

New approach to HIV testing

Dan Goodman describes the relationship between testing and suppressing HIV

Enrofloxacin and Ciprofloxacin ELISA kits

For the detection of growth promoting compounds within food producing animals

Accelerating Cell-Based ELISA Procedures

Agilent Automation Solutions has announced a configuration of its BioCel System that allows laboratories to fully automate cell-based ELISA procedures thereby reducing the risk of human error.





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