Metamaterials may eliminate friction

Groundbreaking research revealed the possibility of a new class of materials able to exert a repulsive force when they are placed in extremely close proximity to each other.

Eliminate liquid nitrogen costs

The FTS Multi-Cool is a mechanically refrigerated bench top bath that eliminates the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

Valve control heads eliminate need for the wasteful venting of air

Saving energy and reducing waste are key to achieving improved efficiency and maximised profitability in food and beverage plants.

Clean belts eliminate risk

The future is now: risk-based inspection systems are the industry norm for ensuring sanitation. The guiding principle is to catch problems before they appear in food production.

Eliminate ‘enemy’ yeast

Yeasts are a group of predominantly unicellular fungi which mankind has exploited in food and beverage production for millennia.

Improved packaging helps eliminate damage to product in transit

There is a a huge of amount of development work going on throughout Europe to improve packaging machines. Here,

Eric Russell looks at the some of the innovations being offered by the suppliers of packaging equipment.





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