Ultra-stable platform for neuroscience experiments

V-Deck offers a large sample area that allows heating, cooling, perfusion and incubation chambers, micromanipulators, stereotaxic instruments and other equipment to be precisely mounted

Universal motorised translation stage for neuroscience microscopy

Provides a method to precisely move microscopes while allowing the sample to remain stationary

Precision sample control for neuroscience and electrophysiology

Prior’s range of motorised microscope stages give excellent control over XY movement

Novel in-vivo imaging solution for neuroscientists

Neurotar’s Mobile HomeCage is an accessory device for microscopy and electrophysiology, which enables high precision tests in the brain of awake, head-fixed, but otherwise freely moving rodents

Ultra stable microscope platforms for electrophysiology and neuroscience

Z-Deck offers an stable platform ensuring experimental area is as smooth and vibration free as possible

In vitro cardiac electrophysiology and in vivo cardiovascular telemetry

The late detection of cardiotoxic side effects, such as electrocardiogram QT-interval prolongation, induced by compounds of pharmacological interest can dramatically impede drug research and development projects.

Frederic Sannajust reports.





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