The future of the electric car

The electric car is part of the almost immediate future, although certainly challenges first have to be met, such as the availability of good supply and recharging networks, and the development of more autonomous batteries.

Nanogenerators could lead to electric clothing

In research that gives literal meaning to the term "power suit," engineers have created energy-scavenging nanofibres that could one day be woven into clothing and textiles.

Exotic electric properties of graphene

The hottest new material in physics and nanotechnology is graphene: a remarkably flat molecule made of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal rings much like molecular chicken wire.

Concurrent imaging of metabolic and electric signals

Cardiac rhythm disorders can result from disturbances in cardiac metabolism and these metabolic changes are tightly linked with specific cardiac electrophysiology abnormalities.

Versatile electric capper enhances sample storage process

Designed to work with all sample storage 96-format tube and rack combinations, without use of adapters, the Micronic Univo Electric Capper CP480 sets a new benchmark for ease of use, versatility and speed of operation.

Nanotubes find niche in electric switches

Research finds that carbon nanotubes could significantly improve the performance of electrical commutators that are common in electric motors and generators.





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