High efficiency gas filter sleeves

Fibre filter media structure that provides a highly permeable matrix with a low resistance to the flow of gas

Labs maximise diagnostic instrument uptime and efficiency with remote connectivity

Institut für Laboratoriumsmedizin Increases Throughput & Improves Uptime with AbbottLink

Pre-designed assays increase qPCR accuracy and efficiency

Integrated DNA Technologies offers PrimeTime Pre-designed qPCR Assays which work for human, mouse, and rat transcriptomes

LIMS offers manufacturers workflow efficiency benefits and quantifiable savings

Two Fold Software develops specialist Laboratory Information Management System application software that offers manufacturers work flow efficiencies and quantifiable business benefits

Wireless boosts operational efficiency at brewery

Industrial ethernet and wireless communications are helping to boost operational efficiency at brewery.

Innovative analytical technology for higher efficiency

The hi-tech startup Anagnostics Bioanalysis develops analytical technologies for routine applications in drug discovery and medical research.

High Efficiency Blancher-Cookers

The key to ABCO's unique and patented Heat/Hold blanching process is the short time that fresh product needs to be exposed to steam.

Equipment: Transductin improves knockdown efficiency

Integrated DNA Technologies has introduced the novel peptide-based double-stranded RNA transduction delivery system Transductin.

Energy management technology improves fuel use efficiency

Located in the English midlands, the Worksop-based Campbell Grocery Products plant manufactures some of the company’s most recognisable brands A subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company, its five autonomous manufacturing centres are responsible for Oxo, Homepride Cook-in-Sauces, Batchelor’s Super Noodles, the Batchelor’s Mushy Pea cannery, and the company's R&D facility.

Innovations will increase efficiency and cut cost

The diversity of developments that has been recently announced by packaging and labelling companies shows the industry to be flourishing with a wide range of new products that help food producers increase efficiency and decrease costs.

Mass spectrometry efficiency rises

A new software package that raises the efficiency of mass spectrometry is now available from Autoscribe.

LIMS owned by the lab delivers efficiency savings and better GMP

With over 2000 different raw materials being analysed in its laboratory, a busy pharmaceutical company decided that a LIMS system could be justified on the basis of anticipated efficiency savings and improved GMP. John Dickson and Peter Sheppard outline the project and show how laboratory personnel became a key part in its success.

Improving production efficiency in the food industry with automation

Well-known to the pharmaceutical industry, traceability, conformity and the ability to repeat a procedure precisely from batch to batch are now becoming increasingly important in the food industry. The result is a huge uptake in modern process automation.

Improving production efficiency by automating the food industry

The food industry relies on numerous often complex processes, so it is no surprise that the best automation and control technologies developed for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing are now helping improve efficiency for a whole new range of users.

increased efficiency in synthesis resulting from parallel operation

A lot of synthesis are still done in a sequential way using three neck flasks with reflux condensers, gas supply taps, stirring motors and heating bathes. Syntheses in is way are very time consuming and costly.

More efficiency in routine medicine: Luminos Fusion 2-in-1 system with flat panel detector

At the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria, Siemens will introduce a new system for the mid-range price segment that can do both full-digital fluoroscopy and radiography.

Nanostructure boosts efficiency in energy transport

Researchers have developed a titanium nanostructure that provides an expanded surface area and demonstrates significantly greater efficiency in the transport of electrons.





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