Edible coating makes fish fillets healthier and longer-lasting

Researchers have found that an edible coating made from crustacean shells and impregnated with fish oil dramatically improves both the shelf-life and quality of lingcod fillets. Sean Ottewell reports.

Edible coating makes fish filets longer-lasting and healthier

Consumers may be able to eat longer-lasting, potentially healthier fish fillets if research at Oregon State University makes its way to the supermarket.

Edible packaging made from food by-products reduces use of plastic

University of California food scientist Professor John Krochta has developed an edible food coating derived from the dairy by-product whey.

Edible oil plant's commitment to clean water

Negociación Industrial Santa Lucía, SA de CV, is a company in the foodstuffs sector which manufactures vegetable oils.

Edible oils and fats ­ a different approach to health issues

Over the past few years there has been a growing awareness between dietary fat and life style diseases. Here, Eric Russell looks at latest research which suggests that saturated fatty acid content of meat can be reduced using different feeding regimes.

Determination of the hydroxyl number in edible fats and oils

Competition is tough and continually rising demands on product quality mean more work in less time. This, in turn requires increased efficiency and optimised usage of equipment and personnel capacities. The only way for successfully meeting all these day-to-day demands on today's labs is by systematically avoiding anything and everything that wastes time, increases frustration and is prone to error.





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