Rapid test for Ebola

Aids identification and potentially help minimise spread of Ebola virus

Ebola antigens and antibodies for ELISA

Products for the development of an ELISA detection assay for Ebola announced by Amsbio

Anticancer drug stops deadly Ebola virus molecule in its tracks

Oxford scientists use Diamond Light Source to advance research into powerful anti-Ebola virus drugs

Ebola virus vaccines

New study highlights effectiveness of a herpesvirus cytomegalovirus-based vaccine against Ebola virus

Protein inhibits Ebola

Scientists have identified a protein, ISG15, that inhibits the Ebola virus from budding, the process by which viruses escape from cells and spread to infect neighbouring cells.

Vaccine for Ebola virus

An international team of researchers has successfully tested several Ebola vaccines in primates and are now looking to adapt them for human use, opening the door to a cure of a deadly disease.





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