Developing protein-based assays for early disease detection

Agilent Technologies Inc and Integrated Diagnostics have announced a strategic partnership

Early evaluation of safety of drugs

CIT launches LeadScreen, a new range of fast, cost-effective services for drug candidate selection

Early warnings lowered use of antipsychotic medications for dementia, study finds

Use of second-generation medications began to decline significantly in 2003, years ahead of a warning from the Food and Drug Administration

Obese moms face more risk of early births

A new study shows overweight and obese women face greater risks of preterm births. Their babies may suffer serious health problems from being born too soon, especially earlier than 32 weeks.

Melanoma not caused by early UVA light exposure

Early life exposure to ultraviolet A light does not cause melanoma in a fish model that previously made that connection, scientists claim.

Early Earth absorbed more sunlight

Four billion years ago, our then stripling sun radiated only 70 to 75 percent as much energy as it does today.

Early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's

Researchers have found that elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of phosphorylated tau231 may be an early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease in healthy adults.

Key to early stages of viral infection

Scientists have identified a molecule that defines which cells are destined to become memory T cells just a few days after a viral infection begins.

Early detection of Alzheimer's disease

Researchers have discovered that two drugs, the benzimidazole derivatives lanzoprazole and astemizole, may be suitable for use as PET radiotracers.

Gene key in early stages of development

Scientists have identified a gene family that plays a key role in one of the earliest stages of development in which an embryo distinguishes its left side from the right and determines how organs should be positioned within the body.

Early intervention for toddlers with autism

A novel early intervention program for very young children with autism - some as young as 18 months - is effective for improving IQ, language ability, and social interaction, a comprehensive new study has found.

Early scents really do get 'etched' in the brain

Researchers reporting the results of a brain imaging study show that first scents really do enjoy a "privileged" status in the brain.

Medical news: Molecule plays early role In non-smoking lung cancer

The cause of lung cancer in never-smokers is poorly understood, but a study has identified a molecule believed to play an early and important role in its development.

Early childhood conditions carry over to adulthood

An intervention to relieve toxic stress that children experience early in life could not only affect their well-being and longevity but also improve societal health overall, researchers report.

Early findings about H1N1 pandemic

Researchers from the Imperial College London, working in collaboration with the WHO and public health agencies in Mexico, have assessed the epidemic using data to the end of April.

3T MRI detects early breast cancer

3T MRI, a powerful tool for evaluating patients with a high risk of having breast cancer, can detect a significant number of lesions not found on mammography and sonography.

Early HIV treatment reduces death rates

Mortality rates of people starting HIV treatment in four African countries approach those of the general population over time, provided that treatment is started before the immune system has been severely damaged.

Early screening and innovative solutions key to drug development

The vast majority of clinical drug candidates fail during the development stage because of poor absorption, distribution, metabolism or toxicity (ADME/Tox) problems. However, new screening techniques will help to reduce attrition rates. Sean Ottewell reports.

No consistent advantage for planting soybean early

While there may be no particular advantage for planting soybean early, there was a clear disadvantage for planting late.





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