Pressured lab-scale filtration and drying

Camille Flores-Kilfoyle discusses how advanced filter dryer technology is enabling new product development

Faster drying of deep well microplates

Genevac’s new generation heat transfer plates for centrifugal evaporators enable almost any deep well plate to be dried up to 50% faster than previously possible.

Training courses in laboratory freeze drying

SP Scientific has announced new summer and fall 2012 dates for its popular hands-on laboratory training courses in freeze drying and cycle optimization techniques.

Freeze drying of human red blood cells

SP Scientific has announced a new LyoLearn webinar entitled 'Freeze Drying of Human Blood Cells'

Product thermal characterisation using freeze drying microscopy

Webinar will introduce participants to the components of a freeze drying microscope

Fast, uniform and reproducible fluid bed drying

Multiple configurations and microprocessor control ensure complete flexibility for a wide range of applications

Freeze Drying of Nanoparticles

The major obstacle that limits the use of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems is the physical instability that is frequently found when such systems are stored for an extended time period.

Production scale freeze drying

Benchmark Series Freeze Dryers have numerous options that allow customers to configure the freeze dryer to fit into any facility.

Prospect FT-350 Drying System for sale!

Forberg International, the original owner of the twin shaft paddle mixing technology has for sale a Forberg Drying System. This state of art system is built in high quality, with high standard and high finish.

Effective freeze drying cycle development

A new webinar entitled 'Cycle Development and Scale-Up Issues for Freeze Dried Products, from Small Molecules to Proteins' has been announced by SP Industries Inc.

Lab equipment: High capacity freeze drying

Designed for R&D and light manufacturing applications such as tissue banking, ceramics processing, lyophilisation of microtitre plates and diagnostic reagents, the Ultra delivers high efficiency at a low operating cost.

Freeze drying sample extractor lab equipment

SP Industries Inc. has announced the introduction of a new generation Sample Thief sample extractor accessory for its Virtis Genesis range of freeze dryers.

Online library for freeze drying and lyophilisation

SP Industries has announced a new online library of technical articles covering many topics of interest to anyone involved in freeze drying or lyophilisation.

Model-based monitoring and control enhances drying systems

Juliette Cameron focuses on one of the most energy intensive food production operations: drying.

Multi-purpose drying system

The production of products in portion bags with long shelf life require high quality dry flours.

freeze drying

Freeze drying is an excellent method for preserving material that are unstable in the presence of water. It is particularly suitable for products which are sensitive to heat, subject to oxidation or just sensitive.

Test facility for fluid bed drying

The MP-Micro fluid bed is a bench-top machine which allows laboratories to optimise formulations and identify process parameters for a wide range of products. It is designed for research and development projects and is claimed to have the flexibility of a full sized fluid bed dryer in a compact unit.

Productive drying of natural product extracts

The Rocket™ high speed evaporation system from Genevac is demonstrated in a new web microsite to provide a superior alternative to rotary evaporators for safe and productive drying of natural product extractions.





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