New blood-thinning drug safer than rat poison

The blood-thinner dabigatran is shown to protect against stroke, blood clotting and major bleeding as effectively as warfarin, but with fewer side effects.

Potential Friedreich's ataxia drug

A team of researchers has pinpointed the enzyme target of a drug group that stops the progression of the devastating disease Friedreich's ataxia in mice and may do the same for humans.

Cancer drug may improve memory

A drug now used to treat cancer may also be able to restore memory deficits in patients with Alzheimer's disease, according to a new study conducted by scientists.

Drug partners in cancer therapy

Research suggests that some natural food compounds, which previously have been studied for their ability to prevent cancer, may be able to play a more significant role in treating it

Preparing Samples for Drug Discovery

The MiniSeal Plus device is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 62millimetres in height.

Pharmacology: Integrated oncology drug discovery services

BioFocus DPI and Oncodesign announced today that they have joined forces to offer a comprehensive oncology drug discovery service.

Higher drug doses needed to defeat tuberculosis

The typical dose of a medication considered pivotal in treating tuberculosis effectively is much too low to account for modern-day physiques.

Pharmacology: New drug for children with high-risk leukaemia

The first researchers to discover a mutation of the JAK2 protein in patients with Down syndrome, a team of scientists suspected that this protein might also be linked to other disorders and diseases - and they were right.

Pharmacology: Allergy drug reduces obesity in mice

Researchers used two common over-the-counter allergy medications to reduce both obesity and type 2 diabetes in mice.

New research to reduce drug side-effects

They are a group of drugs which millions of people rely on to keep pain at bay but they can have unwanted side-effects which are sometimes more serious than the original health problem.

Sample preparation of drug entities

Porvair Sciences Ltd. has produced an application note that describes a method for the rapid and sensitive determination of a novel drug entity in human plasma.

Biotechnology: Wastewater tracks drug use

A team of researchers has mapped patterns of illicit drug use across the state of Oregon using a method of sampling municipal wastewater before it is treated.

Pharmacology: Drug rescues lost memory

A drug similar to one used in clinical trials for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis has been found to rescue memory in mice exhibiting Alzheimer's symptoms.

Dangerous drug interactions often missed

Research has found that medication prescribers correctly identified fewer than half of drug pairs with potentially dangerous drug-drug interactions.

Potential Alzheimer's drug target, pharmacology study

A team of researchers have found laboratory evidence that a cluster of peptides may be the toxic agent in Alzheimer's disease.

Liver cancer drug possiblities in pharmacology

Cancer researchers have used computational and genomic methods to identify possible anti-cancer agents that may block a particular kind of tumour behaviour.

Chemotherapy drug triggers fatal allergies pharmacology study finds

A chemotherapy drug that is supposed to help save cancer patients' lives, instead resulted in life-threatening and sometimes fatal allergic reactions.

Liver disease shrunk by blood-pressure drug

Losartan, a blood-pressure medicine, has been shown to reverse the effects of early-stage liver failure in some patients.

Dementia drug dangers

Side effects associated with several commonly-prescribed dementia drugs may be putting elderly patients at risk.

New cellular targets for HIV drug development

Focusing HIV drug development on immune cells called macrophages instead of traditionally targeted T cells could bring us closer to eradicating the disease, according to new research.






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