Indicator of rare lung disease

Scientists have discovered a protein in the lungs that can help in determining progression of the rare lung disease Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Treating cardiovascular disease with nanotechnology

Scientists and engineers and other researchers have developed a nanoparticle that can attack plaque - a major cause of cardiovascular disease.

Liver disease shrunk by blood-pressure drug

Losartan, a blood-pressure medicine, has been shown to reverse the effects of early-stage liver failure in some patients.

Bacteria associated with fatty liver disease

Intestinal permeability and an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine are both associated with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

Finding the key ingredients of disease

Many diseases have crucial proteins, which change the dynamics of cells from benign to deadly. Recent research just made identifying these changes one step easier.

Novel genetic risk factors for kidney disease

A team of researchers from the United States, the Netherlands and Iceland has identified three genes containing common mutations that are associated with altered kidney disease risk.

Sleep apnea increases heart disease risk

Obstructive sleep apnea, or periodic interruptions in breathing throughout the night, thickens sufferers' blood vessels and increases the risk of several forms of heart and vascular disease.

Surviving alcohol-related liver disease

A recent study found that abstinence from alcohol is the key factor in long-term prognosis, even with relatively severe alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver.

Climate change and infectious disease

A new review argues that climate change may have a negligible effect on pathogens or even reduce their ranges. The paper has sparked debate in the ecological community.

Switch links disease and depression

Researchers report that IDO, an enzyme found throughout the body and long suspected of playing a role in depression, is in fact essential to the onset of depressive symptoms sparked by chronic inflammation.

Nutritional therapy and disease

There is strong evidence that early enteral feeding of patients prevents infections in a variety of traumatic and surgical illnesses.

Diagnosis of heart disease

A research team reports their initial experience with a novel imaging technique that enables comprehensive diagnosis of heart disease based on a single CT scan.

Mast cells and allergic airway disease

Murine models have highlighted the importance of T-cells and TH2 cytokines in development of allergen-induced airway disease.

Roots of celiac disease

Scientists who last year identified a new genetic risk factor for coeliac disease, have, following continued research, discovered an additional seven gene regions implicated in causing the condition.

Rare genetic disease

Adult stem cells may provide an explanation for the cause of a Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome, a rare disease that causes premature ageing in children.

Reducing heart disease

Anti-TNF drugs such as infliximab, etanercept, and adalimumab have been shown to not only diminish signs and symptoms of cardiovascular disease, but also prevent joint damage.

Cost of heart disease in Europe

New figures published this month, highlighted the significant differences in cardiovascular disease across Europe.

CagA induced disease

Cytotoxin-associated gene A protein from type I H.pylori has been proved by epidemiological and experimental studies to be closely associated with the H.pylori induced gastric diseases.

Lasers disease detection

By blasting a person's breath with laser light, scientists have shown that they can detect molecules that may be markers for diseases like asthma or cancer.

Project studies links between genes, environment and disease

UK Biobank, a medical project aimed at improving the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many other serious conditions has just been launched after several years of meticulous planning.






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