Preparing Samples for Drug Discovery

The MiniSeal Plus device is capable of producing an accurate and tight seal on any SBS proposed standard, deep well or PCR microplate from 3 to 62millimetres in height.

Discovery to aid study of biological molecules

Researchers have discovered that a tool widely used in nanoscale imaging works differently in watery environments, a step toward better using the instrument to study biological molecules and structures.

Pharmacology: Integrated oncology drug discovery services

BioFocus DPI and Oncodesign announced today that they have joined forces to offer a comprehensive oncology drug discovery service.

HIV-1's hijacking mechanism, biotechnology discovery

Researchers have pinpointed the key cellular machinery co-opted by HIV-1 to hijack the human cell for its own benefit.

Biotechnology discovery of brain molecule reduces food intake

Researchers have identified a new appetite suppressant for promoting weight loss that they say works in rodents and may one day be used to develop an effective anti-obesity treatment.

DNA enzyme synthesises and erases in a genetics discovery

Scientists describe a new mechanism behind an important process that causes a rapid reduction of DNA in the chromosomes of bacteria.

Discovery in colon cancer prevention

A new study finds that individuals who have low expression of the "Celebrex gene," 15-PGDH, are actually resistant to Celebrex treatment when used to prevent colon cancer.

Gene targeting discovery

In a genetic leap that could help fast track vaccine and drug development, researchers have discovered how to destroy a key DNA pathway in a wily and widespread human parasite.

New model for drug discovery

Chemists and anaesthesiologists have identified a fluorescent anaesthetic compound that will assist researchers in obtaining more precise information about how anaesthetics work in the body

New protein discovery

Scientists have now managed to identify a protein that opens new possibilities of understanding both APS-1 and other autoimmune disorders.

The hottest tool in drug discovery and efficacy

Although the promise and potential still exists, we still have much to learn about the nature of stem cells. Lisa Masterson reports.

Drug discovery companies turn to low cost Asian countries to evade stringent regulations

The Indian and Chinese drug discovery outsourcing market is riding a crest with companies from outside Asia increasingly seeking to outsource drug discovery to these countries for greater cost savings.

Sensitive drug discovery

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) technologies are evolving as critical automated tools in drug discovery because it is non-invasive, reproducible and sensitive.

Heterocyclic reactive intermediates for drug discovery

During the past 25 years almost every part of the drug discovery process has undergone radical change For instance using robotics and combinatorial techniques chemists can now synthesise single libraries that contain more compounds than existed in the total chemical literature of 1980.

Joint initiative aims to accelerate next generation drug discovery

Drug discovery is an extremely lengthy and costly process. On average, it takes new treatments nearly US$1b and 12 years to reach the market ­ and those are just the ones that succeed.

workbench automation in drug discovery

Competition in all chemical related markets, ie pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, fine chemicals etc. has put considerable pressure on the development of new compounds.

drug discovery brochure features 1000 additions

As the cost of bringing new drugs to the market continues to rise, a afail fast, fail cheap' motto is being pursued through rational drug design to incorporate desirable properties into not only in drugs, but also through the generation of larger numbers of drug-like molecules using combinatorial chemistry methodologies, and the identification and elimination of problematic drugs early.

drug discovery: a range of solutions

Pharmaceutical companies are currently facing the challenge of significantly increasing the number of NCEs to sustain profitability and investor confidence. This directly impacts on HTS, as this process is at the centre of lead discovery in most major pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Tecan solutions for genomics and drug discovery

Tecan, one of the leaders in laboratory automation solutions, has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of your needs. Its wide product range includes touchscreen-operated microplate readers, multi-label readers, washers and pipetting instruments. Tecan products are user-friendly, flexible and fully modular, so you can start with a small system, then expand and upgrade it as and when you need to. Tecan will customise workstations and complex integrated multi-robot systems to your exact requirements for genomics, drug discovery and other fields.

European drug discovery drive

Pioneering chemists from The University of Nottingham are taking part in the biggest-ever European research programme to speed up the discovery of new drugs.






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