Critical power for UK scientific facility

Riello UPS shines a light on Diamond Light Source by providing uninterruptible power supplies

Diamond Light Sources celebrates milestone

7,000th paper published as result of research done at the UK's Synchotron

Bespoke beamline engineering

Exploring the Diamond Sample Manipulator

Scientists gain first glimpse of one of nature’s measuring ‘rulers’

New findings offer potential to outsmart bacterial infections

Scientists discover bacteria’s clever defence mechanism

Structure of EzrA protein could help identify new antibiotic targets

Major step forward in understanding of viruses

Scientists announce they have unlocked exact structure of Hep A virus

Drop the drill

Exploring Nature’s potential for the prevention or reversal of tooth decay

Anticancer drug stops deadly Ebola virus molecule in its tracks

Oxford scientists use Diamond Light Source to advance research into powerful anti-Ebola virus drugs

Receptor discoveries pave the way for new drugs to treat metabolic diseases

New structural information obtained with the help of intense X-rays has enabled scientists to solve the high-resolution X-ray crystal structure of the glucagon receptor

Exploiting high speed light for super slow science

World’s only long-duration synchrotron facility enabling pioneering research





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