Syringe pump delivers fluid at 8nl/min

Smart diagnostics facilitate programmable troubleshooting and built-in event and error logging

Inventor unveils cheap and simple medical device with potential to save 1million lives

An award-winning inventor has unveiled a cheap and easy to use medical device, which he believes could save more than 1million lives each year.

Imaging the fetus – the history of obstetric ultrasound

To mark one of the most important medical developments to come out of the University of Glasgow in the twentieth century, a new book has been published.

Contamination control products and clinical diagnostic kits

Detecting, eliminating and preventing cell culture contamination and identifying Legionella in water samples

Molecular diagnostic controls for chlamydia and gonorrhea assays

SeraCare introduces controls optimised for popular nucleic acid testing platforms

Labs maximise diagnostic instrument uptime and efficiency with remote connectivity

Institut für Laboratoriumsmedizin Increases Throughput & Improves Uptime with AbbottLink

GMP production of oligos for diagnostic use

IDT’s CCM facility manufactures oligos to meet any defined specifications, and customers are able to maintain total control over the entire process

Osteoporosis diagnostic test kit

Genetic testing allows potential sufferers of the disease to identify their increased risk of developing osteoporosis and to start preventative treatment

Pharmacogenetic diagnostic test kit launched

The xTAG CYP2D6 Kit will be an important tool in the fast-growing field of personalized medicine, says Luminex

Harnessing the immune system's diagnostic power

A team of scientists have pioneered a method for profiling the immune system, using clues provided by antibody activity to track an individual's state of health.

Early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's

Researchers have found that elevated cerebrospinal fluid levels of phosphorylated tau231 may be an early diagnostic biomarker for Alzheimer's disease in healthy adults.

New online in vitro diagnostic resource

Thermo Fisher Scientific introduced a new online resource to offer detailed information about the Thermo Scientific Nalgene and Nunc OEM diagnostic product offering.

Chip-based diagnostic test technology wins FDA approval

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared Swiss pharmaceutical and diagnostic company Roche's AmpliChip CYP450 microarray-based test for diagnostic use in the USA.

Syphilis diagnostic test ato ease microbiology laboratory workload'

One of the UK Government's goals for improving the diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infection (STI) is to reduce waiting time.

Holographic advances boost diagnostic sensor development

The perceived utility of biosensors ­ analytical devices based on molecules that recognise specific biological substances ­ within the consumer health, biotechnology and biomedical industries is well established.


The ProSpecT 24 hour stool diagnostic algorithm provides the first practical, rapid system to expedite diagnosis of enteric disease. The comprehensive menu of ELISA assays, each utilising the same common format for simple, accurate and sensitive diagnostic information makes this possible.





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