Roche launches new ProGRP test for more precise diagnosis in lung cancer

New test expands cancer diagnostics portfolio and strengthens Roche Diagnostics’ comprehensive tumour marker menu.

Patient-friendly devices that enable rapid and effective diagnosis

Expanding patient population to support steady growth in multiparameter patient monitors market in Western and Eastern Europe

Rapid Chagas disease diagnosis

A reliable and rapid diagnosis is the key in the battle against Chagas disease infection but until now, this has been next to impossible.

More accurate diagnosis for leading cancer killer

Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children. Now a more accurate diagnosis of childhood brain cancers may soon be possible, according to researchers.

Quick and easy diagnosis for mitochondrial disorders

Recent research outlines an innovative clinical diagnostic test for the early identification of a wide range of mitochondrial disorders.

Diagnosis of heart disease

A research team reports their initial experience with a novel imaging technique that enables comprehensive diagnosis of heart disease based on a single CT scan.

Fluorescence diagnosis by using a CCD camera system

Fluorescence diagnosis (FD) provides an innovative and promising technique for in-vivo diagnosis of dysplastic tissue and superficial skin tumours. Dr Gerhard Holst reports.

New scanning technology aims to achieve quicker diagnosis of disease

Groundbreaking research taking place at the University of York could lead to Alzheimer’s disease being diagnosed in minutes using a simple brain scan.

New ‘traffic light’ test could save lives with earlier diagnosis of liver disease

A new ‘traffic light’ test devised by Dr Nick Sheron and colleagues at University of Southampton and Southampton General Hospital could be used in primary care to diagnose liver fibrosis and cirrhosis in high risk populations more easily than at present.





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