Researchers develop paper-thin device to test cholesterol levels

Paper-thin sensors that use the latest technology in miniaturisation and printing could revolutionise the way point of care testing is carried out for cholesterol and lead to further applications and developments of the technology.

Future growth areas for drug delivery device industry

Report identifies opportunities and threats faced as markets change radically over the next 10 years

Automated patch clamp device

Perfusion system enabling the measurements of very fast activating and desensitising ligand-gated ion channels

Petaka cell culture device

Celartia has announced they have entered into a number strategic alliances with major life science organisations aimed at growing availability of the Petaka product for its global markets

Smart device GPS technology helps predict infection spread

Specialists using 'geo' information to record the nature and frequency of interactions to understand how infections spread

IR-enhanced charged-coupled device image sensor

Hamamatsu Photonics' S11510 series suitable for Raman spectroscopy

New gene therapy delivery device

Scientists have designed a nanoparticle that appears to effectively deliver genetic material into cells with minimal toxic effects.

Reducing the costs of membrane filtration with anti-telescoping device

Membrane elements and the housings in which they are fitted are both designed with a small tolerance in diameter, allowing a considerable part of the re-circulation flow to pass between the membrane element and the housing, thereby not contributing to the filtration.

A brain-recording device that melts into place

Scientists have developed a brain implant that essentially melts into place, snugly fitting to the brain's surface. The technology could pave the way for better devices to monitor and control seizures, and to transmit signals from the brain past damaged parts of the spinal cord.

Sorting device for analysing biological reactions

Harvard researchers and a team of international collaborators demonstrated a new microfluidic sorting device that rapidly analyzes millions of biological reactions.

Glass Microfluidic Device

Dolomite has introduced the 1ml Microreactor Chip, a glass microfluidic device designed for the mixing and reacting of two or three liquid reagent streams.

Implantable device offers continuous cancer monitoring

Surgical removal of a tissue sample is now the standard for diagnosing cancer. Such procedures, known as biopsies, are accurate but only offer a snapshot of the tumour at a single moment in time.

Cyclograph Deluxe Centrifuge Chromotography Device

The CycloGraph system is a centrifugally accelerated device for performing preparative thin layer radial separations.

integrated sample hplc preparation device

HPLC sample preparation can be a tedious process. Whatman has developed a product called Mini-UniPrep (MUP) that greatly enhances the efficiency of that sample preparation process. MUP combines a mixing/reaction container, filtration device and an auto-sampler vial, all rolled into one.

Speed is the driving force for lab-on-a-chip device development

A quick walk around any electronics shop will show you that bigger is no longer better. Mobile phones are shrinking alarmingly, and advances in computing power has seen palmtop computers go from glorified battery-powered filofaxes to sophisticated devices capable of guiding you to the nearest bar selling obscure spirits. Stuart Nathan reports.

Nottingham to pioneer food manufacturing and medical device

How to meet the world’s growing appetite for sustainable food production and how to create novel medical devices to improve healthcare are two of the biggest research priorities of the 21st century.

Laser device suitable for painless antigen application

Pantec Biosolutions AG, the manufacturer of P.L.E.A.S.E. Professional, a portable laser device for the precise microporation of the skin, has contributed to three scientific publications illustrating the effectiveness of the technology for a new form of immunotherapy in an allergic asthma mouse model.

Simple device ensures safe food

A researcher has found a way to eliminate bacteria in packaged foods such as spinach and tomatoes, a process that could eliminate worries concerning some food-borne illnesses.

Device proves effective against epilepsy

In a just completed clinical trial, a unique nerve-stimulation treatment for intractable epilepsy reduced the number of seizures by more than 50 percent.

Needle-size device

Engineers are creating a wireless device designed to be injected into tumours to tell doctors the precise dose of radiation received.





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