Developments in data visualisation pave the way in genetic research

With such vast amounts of data to consider, it can be difficult for scientists to understand the true biological meaning of their research, says Carl-Johan Ivarsson. However, new data visualisation techniques are now making it much easier to uncover new and unexpected results

Mass spectrometry developments

The latest developments in the mass spectrometry market are dominated by collaborations between suppliers. Applied Biosystems has announced three new services.

Latest developments in carbon filter technology for recirculating fume cabinets

Robert Monks reports the development of a range of filters with environmentally friendly carbon.

Recent developments in VoIP chipsets and architecture

Internet-protocol (IP) aphone-on-a-chip' handsets are expected to be shipped to the North American market later this year. Here, Nick Flaherty investigates the evolving technologies behind Voice-over-IP and other asssociated broadband services

Life sciences trigger developments in physical measurement techniques

In 2000 we are turning from the century of physics to the century of biology. Transgenetic food, genetic diagnostics and pharmaceuticals in medicine ­ biology and biochemistry weekly confront us with new findings giving rise to new opportunities. By Dr Heidrun Tippe.





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