Developing protein-based assays for early disease detection

Agilent Technologies Inc and Integrated Diagnostics have announced a strategic partnership

Developing new solutions for biomarker discovery

QuantiPlasma Array is a monoclonal antibody microarray to assess the level of multiple proteins in human plasma

Developing innovative diagnostics

Astra Biotech manufacture reagents, allergens, antibodies, recombinant proteins and assays for the determination of hormones

Developing lead compound against psoriasis

Psoriasis is a chronic, recurring skin disease, affecting 1-3 per cent of the world’s population

Stopping E coli from developing in cattle

Scientists have identified a potential target in cattle that could be exploited to help prevent outbreaks of food-borne illnesses caused by a nasty strain of Escherichia coli.

Livestock lead to better health in developing nations

In the face of reports about the ills livestock generate for the climate, environment and health, a new study emphasises that livestock production in developing and developed countries are very different animals.

Each pound at birth lowers risk of developing TB

Researchers found that every 1.1 pounds of birth weight decreases the risk of developing tuberculosis later by 46 percent among identical twins.

Developing a developmental switch

A nuclear hormone receptor called DAF-12 and microRNAs in the let-7 family form a molecular switch that encourages cells in the larvae of a model worm to shift to a more developed state.

Standardisation is the key to developing future solutions

The pharmaceutical industry is a very different animal compared with other industries, particularly when it comes to laboratory testing. In the case of chemical manufacturing, for example, each batch of product undergoes quality control testing and a record of these results has to be kept for a short time.

Developing mammalian cell cultures

Cell Culture Technologies GmbH, a biotech company specialising in the development and application of mammalian cell culture systems for the production of biologicals in fully synthetic, serum and protein-free culture environments.

Colgate and Omron join in marketing and developing Oral Care products including Electric Toothbrushes

Colgate and Omron join in marketing and developing Oral Care products including Electric Toothbrushes

Reduced risk of developing dementia

People with memory problems are less at risk of developing dementia than previously thought, a new study reveals.





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