Heptares scientist report the first use of structure-based drug design to discover GPCR-targeted drug candidate

Heptares Therapeutics, the leading GPCR drug discovery company, provides an update on recent scientific publications that highlight its unique ability to generate valuable information on GPCR structures and ligand binding.

Design and automate image analysis protocols

Olympus cellSens Dimension Count and Measure Solution module for automated image analysis

Solving the solvent mystery for better drug design

Scientists have been able to watch a chemical reaction happening in solution with more detail than ever before

Integrating cell viability analysis into experimental design

Scientists can also review numerical and image data via the ambr software providing a single location to manage the entire experiment

One-part design for new cooling jacket using

VICTREX PEEK polymer offered a number of essential properties including: low thermal conductivity radiation resistance, chemical resistance

Reaching quality standards with a systematic approach to design

Adrian Possumato examines pseudo-empirical modelling which is essential to achieving true Quality by Design.

Interface design and analysis via Langmuir-Blodgett technology

The interface between two fluids provides a unique environment for the manipulation and study of species that are practically insoluble in the bulk phases.

Computer modelling aids design of processes in microlaboratories

Ed Fontes looks at the role played by computer modelling by a company which miniatures laboratory applications.

Disposable design: the science of thin-walled packaging optimisation

As our requirement for disposable food packaging continues to expand, more packaging producers are turning to computational simulation in order to satisfy the structural, commercial and environmental design requirements. Ronald van Dijk describes some of the issues in thin-walled packaging design, and how numerical simulation can be used produce an optimal solution to a complex problem.

How to meet the special design and quality needs of biopharm

Regulations and time-to-market pressures leave little room for error in the biopharm market ­ but design quality, schedule and deliverables can all be enhanced using 3D technology, says Dean Martyniak.

Competitive advantages in turbomachinery design and manufacture

Fraunhofer launches a cluster of innovation for resource efficiency in energy and mobility

Team Consulting unveil packaging design based on ‘unboxing’ concept at Pharmapack 2013

Team Consulting will be unveiling its brand new ‘unboxing’ packaging concept for medical devices at this year’s Pharmapack Europe in Paris, which opens on Wednesday February 13th.

Power transformer design site demonstrates benefits of software automation

A new website to help engineers accelerate and improve the design of electrical power transformers and AC line reactors has been launched by Cobham Technical Services.

RNAi and DsiRNA: pathway, mechanism and design

Since its discovery, scientists have co-opted the RNAi mechanism as an experimental tool for studying the effects of gene silencing both in vitro and in vivo. Jaime Sabel and Hans Packer report

Proteins by Design

Using design and engineering principles learned from nature, a team of biochemists have built - from scratch - a completely new type of protein.





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