Future growth areas for drug delivery device industry

Report identifies opportunities and threats faced as markets change radically over the next 10 years

Rapid growth for the insulin delivery devices

Urgent need for effective solutions as diabetic population swells by nearly seven million annually

Rapid delivery of DNA and RNA oligos

Integrated DNA Technologies offers a comprehensive oligo manufacturing service with rapid turnaround times

Importance of nanotechnology in formulation and drug delivery

Conference will provide a forum for industry professionals to discuss and highlight and to encourage collaborative working

A new spin on drug delivery

A diverse team of researchers have discovered how to greatly enhance the delivery of DNA payloads into cells and could revolutionize various forms of therapy.

New gene therapy delivery device

Scientists have designed a nanoparticle that appears to effectively deliver genetic material into cells with minimal toxic effects.

Viagra may enhance herceptin delivery

New research suggests that a drug currently approved to treat erectile dysfunction may significantly enhance the delivery of the anti-cancer drug Herceptin to certain hard-to-treat brain tumours.

Highly Reproducible Gene Delivery

AMSBIO have announced a range of ready-to-use lentivirus supernatant products suitable for many kinds of gene delivery applications including mammalian protein expression, stable cell line construction, cell signal pathway localization and stem cell research.

Smart nanocapsule delivery system

Scientists have developed a new intracellular delivery platform that uses nanocapsules that can be engineered to either degrade or remain stable based on the cellular environment.

Nanoscale drug delivery for chemotherapy

Duke University bioengineers have developed a simple and inexpensive method for loading cancer drug payloads into nano-scale delivery vehicles and demonstrated in animal models that this new nanoformulation can eliminate tumors after a single treatment.

Nanotech STD drug delivery

Researchers describe a breakthrough in safe and effective administration of potential antiviral drugs the first step in development of a new kind of treatment for sexually transmitted diseases.

Warm reception for ice-cold collection and delivery solution

A new, holistic and cost effective approach to the specialist transportation of diagnostic samples at low and sub-zero temperatures will deliver big savings in both time and money for research sponsors, laboratories and investigators the world over.

Door-to-door delivery service

In response to changing trends in the global clinical trials market TNT Express Services is now operating a new door-to-door service which is already delivering big savings in both time and money for research sponsors, laboratories and investigators the world over.

Assessing the future of non-invasive nasal drug delivery solutions

Pharmaceutical companies have recognised the advantages of nasal delivery and extended both their product development and the demands on devices to efficiently deliver substances that are potentially more potent and expensive. Chris Halling reports.

Online logistics delivery service helps speed up clinical trials

Sally Bullock reports on an innovative web-based delivery service aimed at speeding up the time-consuming and expensive process of clinical trials.

Partnership agreement over nasal drug delivery

Bespak has successfully reached the next stage of its strategy for nasal drug delivery through the signing of a partnership agreement with Lyfjathr-un Biopharmaceuticals, an Icelandic drug delivery company.

BioCellChallenge launches the first universal delivery system for transporting antibodies into live cells

BioCellChallenge SAS, a biotechnology firm specialized in the creation and development of delivery systems for introducing active principles into live cells, has announced the launch of a new delivery system, ImmunoCellin, which is designed to transport antibodies into live cells even in the presence of additives





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