Decontaminating cleanrooms

Bio-decontamination range complements Cherwell’s sterilisation process validation products

Decontamination Pod for dental practices

If your Dental Practice is short of space this might be your answer...its floor space takes up just 1.2 square metres! The Decontamination Pod has been designed with HTM 01-05 at the forefront. It is a revolutionary product, manufactured to solve problems that dentists face in relation to space.

Ultrasonic fogging system aids cleanroom decontamination

How to reduce water consumption and yet maintain, or even increase, effectiveness during decontamination showers is a challenge that has recently taken a significant step forward. Sean Ottewell reports.

Green decontamination

Research by two scientists has resulted in an exciting new method for rapidly and safely destroying toxic agents such as chemical weapons and pesticides.




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