Which Modelling Should You Choose: Clustering or Classification?

When analysing large quantities of scientific data, researchers have the opportunity for supervised and unsupervised methods. Charlotte Soneson outlines the benefits of both systems in the context of classification and clustering

Laboratory information management systems rise to data challenge

Integration of laboratory information management systems is moving to a new level as demands for electronic notebooks, cloud solutions, and personalised treatments drive developments. Eugene McCarthy reports

Spectral data advances rely on speed and sensitivity

Mass spectrometer manufacturers are focusing on improving software and sensitivity, together with boosting CCD. Sean Ottewell reports

Donors should have access to their own raw data provided to biobanks

Currently, data held in such biobanks are accessible only to researchers and not to the individuals who contributed the samples and data

High throughput ChIP assay for multiple epigenetic target screening

Porvair Sciences has announced an application note describing the excellent results achievable from a new 96-well format version of its ChromaTrap chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP) assay technology.

Improving data quality in nitrogen determination

Developed by Exeter Analytical Inc. for use with the Model 440 Elemental Analyzer - Linear Regression Plus is a unique software algorithm that provides unmatched accuracy in the determination of the nitrogen content of combustible samples.

Developments in data visualisation pave the way in genetic research

With such vast amounts of data to consider, it can be difficult for scientists to understand the true biological meaning of their research, says Carl-Johan Ivarsson. However, new data visualisation techniques are now making it much easier to uncover new and unexpected results

Updated modelling tool for PK/PD data analysis

NONMEM 7.2 includes improvements to complex population-based data analyses, says ICON

Data logger for thermal mapping in food, pharmaceutical and lab applications

ITT Analytics' ebro introduces the EBI 40 multi-channel thermocouple data logger for high-accuracy measurement

First UK data on breast cancers that occur between screenings

Analysis led by The Institute of Cancer Research found 2.91 per 1,000 women who had a negative screen were diagnosed with breast cancer before their next screen was due

Integrating reporting of data for lab databases

Nexxis iLAB Database Viewer provides a central location to access data from all of the databases inside and outside of the lab

Health study is first to ask patients about sharing their data

People want to be informed and asked for consent before deciding whether to let researchers share their genetic information

Electronic data capture and centralised review speed trials

According to two new surveys, use of electronic data capture is increasing during clinical trials, while a centralised review process is speeding up drug development.

microRNA data analysis method gives sharper genetics results

Our understanding of the importance of microRNAs in regulating gene expression is expanding, and with it our requirement for robust methods to measure their expression levels.

Match between molecular, fossil data

Why bother classifying organisms according to their physical appearance, let alone analyse their evolutionary dynamics, when molecular techniques had already invalidated that approach?

Reverse screening of plant data highlights potential new drugs

Until now, new molecules with the potential to be developed as drugs have been discovered by screening thousands of candidates and developing those showing potential activity in some therapeutic area.

LIMS improve data quality and deliver a fast turnaround

Laboratory information management systems provide quality data to management for faster decision making and with the ability to dynamically update manufacturing systems. Mike Hatton reports.

Electronic laboratory norebooks produce data instead of information

Laboratories ­ mostly R&D laboratories ­ accumulate vast amounts of data utilising electronic laboratory notebooks (ELNs). ELN users need ways to be able to better analyse that data, identify correlations and draw better conclusions. In real life, the flood of data often overstretches users. Most ELNs lack adequate search facilities and simple full text search capabilities, such as those ofassemble useful information from the data an Internet search engine, are not enough to assemble useful information from the data.

Collection and visualisation of medical appliance data

The new Dometic Monitoring Software is a universal software package for data collection and visualisation of medical appliances.

Improved data logger can now be used in washer disinfectors and autoclaves

Gemini's improved data logger can now work as efficiently at 135ºC as it does at 121ºC. This means the same logger can be used in washer disinfectors and in autoclaves.






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