Custom filled broth bags

Bespoke infusion bags enable convenient and flexible QC certified media transfer, says Cherwell Laboratories

FSTA Custom Alerts

Generated from the Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA) database, and tailored to your needs, FSTA Custom Alerts eliminate the need for time-consuming searches.

Custom phospho-specific polyclonal antibodies

Milligram quantities of highly purified Phospho-specific polyclonal antibodies are available from AMSBIO custom designed for optimal recognition of specific phosphorylation sites.

New colour change technique offers custom coding and marking

Combining chemistry, substrate conversion and laser energy, Sherwood Technology has developed a new technique for the marking and coding of packaging.

Custom Yeast two-hybrid screens for protein interactions

The yeast two-hybrid system has become an increasingly important tool to identify and map novel protein-protein interactions.




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