Perceptions of facial expressions differ across cultures

Differences could cause cross-cultural misunderstandings, study finds

Optimising cell cultures, monitoring and standardising manufacturing processes

Cell culture media samples can be rapidly analysed to provide unequivocal results

Cell cultures: Reprogrammed role for the androgen receptor

The shift from androgen-dependent to androgen-independent cell growth occurs, in part, because the androgen receptor switches on an entirely different set of genes in the latter group than in the former.

Cell cultures: Cells use import machinery to export

Scientists have long believed that vesicles similar to post-Golgi vesicles handle the reverse function, importing life-supporting nutrients and proteins through an independent process.

Cell cultures: Maintaining embryonic stem cells

In a new study that could transform embryonic stem cell research, scientists discovered why mouse ES cells can be easily grown in a laboratory while other mammalian ES cells are difficult.

Cell Cultures: Closer look at how proteins assemble

A team of scientists has taken a unique look at how thousands of bacterial membrane proteins are able to assemble into clusters that direct cell movement to select chemicals in their environment.

Cell cultures: Stem cell advance from adult mice

Scientists have succeeded for the first time in culturing a clearly defined cell type from the testis of adult mice and converting these cells into pluripotent stem cells.

Protein gel in cell cultures

If proteins bind to a surface, such as on a biochip, the structure can be destroyed and the protein cannot perform its function.

Mitochondrial membrane structure deciphered in cell cultures

Scientists have identified two proteins linked in an antagonistic manner that are relevant for governing the inner membrane structure of mitochondria.

Low-fat yoghurts with new cultures

Biotechnology company Chr. Hansen has launched six new cultures within the Yo-flex and Nu-trish segment that offers up to 20percent more texture in the final yoghurt

Detection of foreign yeast cultures in Yoghurt

Sensor Array instrumentation is already well known as aelectronic nose technology'.

Patent depository for cell cultures

The European Collection of Cell Cultures (ECACC) was established in 1984 to service the research community and provide a recognised patent depository for Europe.

Developing mammalian cell cultures

Cell Culture Technologies GmbH, a biotech company specialising in the development and application of mammalian cell culture systems for the production of biologicals in fully synthetic, serum and protein-free culture environments.





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