Performance seals for use where cleanliness is critical

Pharmaceutical and food process lines which are required to operate at the highest hygiene levels, utilise pure, high temperature aggressive water (WFI) systems for their SIP (Steam in Place) and CIP (Clean in Place) processes.

Critical stage of embryonic development now observable

A novel approach in the study of the development of mammalian embryos has been reported in the journal Nature Communications. The research, from the University of Cambridge, enables scientists to view critical aspects of embryonic development which was previously unobservable.

Checking for critical amounts of residual pesticides

To address the increasing demand to reliably check for critical amounts of residual pesticides in foods, feed additives and veterinary drugs Shimadzu is releasing the company’s GC/MS Method Package Ver. 2 for Residual Pesticides in Foods. The package has been developed to improve the speed and efficiency of using GC/MS technology to analyse as many as 800 different residual pesticides

Critical gap in patient-physician conversations

Recent data suggested that while patients believe they are engaging in meaningful conversations with their healthcare providers, these discussions often do not focus on individual patient needs.

Cleaning Services for Critical Environments

EP Scientific offers a fully flexible custom cleaning service for any facility utilizing critical environments, whether its cleaning needs are high or low volume.

Critical protein helps mend damaged DNA

In order to preserve our DNA, cells have developed an intricate system for monitoring and repairing DNA damage.

Cleanliness and drainability are critical for biopharma companies

Properly sloped fittings and valve selection enhance system cleanliness and drainability. Michael Bridge reports.

Identyfying critical control points to cut food illnesses

Hazard analysis critical control point is the food safety programme most widely utilised and accepted for achieving the goal of food safety. Kerry Beach reports.

FDA ignores critical HIV information

The FDA is ignoring critical information in deciding whether to approve an over-the-counter, rapid HIV test for home use, according to a recent article.

Protein identified as critical to insulating the body's wiring

A new protein identified as critical to insulating the wiring that connects the brain and body could one day be a treatment target for divergent diseases, from rare ones that lower the pain threshold to cancer.

Diversified isolator system for critical process steps

Barrier isolators separate the operator from the process and the products. The ARIS is a high quality, state of the art, barrier system, for the flexible use in environmental health and safety, as well as product protection applications.

Measuring aqueous solubility critical in drug development

The aqueous solubility of a compound is a critical determinant in its success or failure as a drug candidate. Given this, one might anticipate that there is a high throughput, standardised method to measure solubility in the drug discovery and development setting.

What Is Moisture Content Analysis?

Moisture content analysis is a critical component of material quality and a function of quality control in most production and laboratory facilities

Oestrogen activates critical lung genes

Oestrogen may be a new postnatal therapy to improve lung function and other outcomes in preterm infants, researchers have found in an animal study.

New origin found for a critical immune response

An immune system response that is critical to the first stages of fighting off viruses and harmful bacteria comes from an entirely different direction than most scientists had thought.





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