Diabetes testing: reducing costs and improving throughput

As diabetes rates soar, consolidating HbA1c testing onto an immunoassay platform can solve throughput problems and reduce costs

Reducing the costs of membrane filtration with anti-telescoping device

Membrane elements and the housings in which they are fitted are both designed with a small tolerance in diameter, allowing a considerable part of the re-circulation flow to pass between the membrane element and the housing, thereby not contributing to the filtration.

Reducing feed costs for swine producers

For decades, swine producers have recognised an increase in growth and performance when virginiamycin is added to their corn-soybean meal feed rations.

Costs and benefits of new chemotherapy drugs

New chemotherapy agents appear associated with improvements in survival time for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer but at substantial cost.

Drives cut food refrigeration costs

A intelligent variable speed drives range, launched by Sporlan Valve Division of Parker Hannifin will deliver energy savings for commercial food refrigeration systems.

Eliminate liquid nitrogen costs

The FTS Multi-Cool is a mechanically refrigerated bench top bath that eliminates the need for costly consumables such as liquid nitrogen and dry ice.

Weighing costs, benefits of HIV treatments

Prevention versus treatment? Cost versus efficacy? So go two of the dilemmas looming over researchers in the race to fight HIV and other infectious diseases in the developing world - especially among women and their young children

Lowering IT costs by deploying desktop LIMS software via the web

Seamus Mac Conaonaigh highlights how web solutions are exerting an increasing influence on laboratory information management systems and strategies.

Extending shelf life and reducing costs the superchilling way

A team of Norwegian scientists have developed a better method of extending the shelf life of fish and meat products. Known as superchilling, the new technique also reduces associated storage and transport costs.

Adopting outsourcing to combat rising costs

Lengthy drug discovery times and the soaring costs of drug development – currently estimated at approximately US$800 million – are putting pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms under immense pressure.

US raisin packers cut wastewater costs and protect environment

Thanks to a new membrane filtration system, the National Raisin Company not only has been able to cut their wastewater costs, but they have also opened up a potentially lucrative source of additional income. This filtration solution could be used by producers of any dried fruit, including prunes, dried apricots, etc.

system integration reduces costs

Whoever wants to maintain their competitive capacity today has to consider the complete flow of processes in the company, organising the areas adevelop-make-sell' as efficiently as possible.

Collaboration helps cut drug development costs

As the cost and complexity of drug development continues to grow, collaboration between manufacturers is becoming an ever more important aspect of the business





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