Proto Labs’ latest Cool Idea! could improve quality of life for 37 million people without sight

The latest deserving idea to receive the Proto Labs Cool Idea! Award, is a Braille labeller by Silicon Valley-based innovation laboratory 6dot. The labeller aims to solve a persistent challenge among the 37 million people around the world without sight: identifying everyday objects.

Keeping cattle cool and stress-free

Identifying the causes of heat stress in cattle and finding ways to manage it are the goals of scientists and cooperators who are helping producers deal with this significant production problem.

Key enzyme unlocked using 'cool' method

A team of scientists - using a new cooling method they created - has uncovered the inner workings of a key iron-containing enzyme, a discovery that could help researchers develop new medicines or understand how enzymes repair DNA.

Cool plasma packs heat for hygiene

Though it looks like a tiny purple blowtorch, a pencil-sized plume of plasma on the tip of a small probe remains at room temperature as it swiftly dismantles tough bacterial colonies deep inside a human tooth.

Meeting the challenge of keeping ambient temperatures cool

Although regulations are in place to ensure that food materials remain cool, operations such as handling during preparation, transport and storage can all lead to temperature rises and the risk of contamination. Richard Mercer outlines the current legislation and shows how a new, rapid cooling system can benefit the whole industry.

Keeping cool during genome sequencing

When one of the main organisations involved in the Human

Genome Project needed to change its refrigeration strategy, lack of space and the demand for first-class reliability meant that a novel technical solution was required.





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