Thermal research analysis software

Software provides acquisition, diagnostic and data sharing tools and allow users to arrange how images, data, charts and plots are displayed

Contamination control products and clinical diagnostic kits

Detecting, eliminating and preventing cell culture contamination and identifying Legionella in water samples

Enhanced microplate reader control

Gen5 Version 2.0 data analysis software now available from BioTek

Moisture consistency is key in food quality control

Adam Equipment’s PMB Moisture Balance offers the right features to provide the required consistency in measurement

Quality assurance/quality control testing

QA/QC testing determines whether or not a product meets control specifications in relation to its identity, composition or purity

Microplate reader offers environmental control for cell-based applications

Ensures greater biological relevance for a wide range of studies, by allowing assays to be performed under hypoxic or physiological conditions

Neuronal remote control

Clusters of heated, magnetic nanoparticles targeted to cell membranes can remotely control ion channels, neurons and even animal behavior, according to a paper.

Water's role in blood pressure control

Name a drink that can make you more alert for late-night studying, prevent you from fainting after giving blood, and even promote a teensy bit of weight loss.

Precise control of protein activity

A recent paper describes a new technique called engineered allosteric regulation, which provides a new tool for scientists who study the interactions of proteins within living cells.

'Remote control' for cholesterol regulation

Circulation of cholesterol is regulated in the brain by the hunger-signaling hormone ghrelin, researchers say. The finding points to a new potential target for the pharmacologic control of cholesterol levels.

Control of cell movement with light

A precise understanding of cellular growth and movement is the key to developing new treatments for cancer and other disorders caused by dysfunctional cell behaviour.

Automated LIMS solution facilitates quality control in the food supply chain

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) help to ensure that food manufacturers operate in compliance with today's strict standards and regulations. Using an application example, Colin Thurston shows how.

Marker-Assisted Breeding And Quality Control

Fluidigm Corporation has announced it has entered into a multi-year agreement with Bayer CropScience to supply integrated fluidic circuits and instrumentation to Bayer CropScience's global operations.

High-fat ketogenic diet to control seizures

Current and former patients treated with the high-fat ketogenic diet to control multiple, daily and severe seizures can be reassured by the news that not only is the diet effective, but it also appears to have no long-lasting side effects.

Antagonistic genes control rice growth

Scientists have found that a plant steroid prompts two genes to battle each other-one suppresses the other to ensure that leaves grow normally in rice and the experimental plant Arabidopsis thaliana.

Natural pest control saves coffee berry

There is good news for coffee lovers and growers worldwide: A predator for the devastating coffee berry borer has just been discovered in Africa.

New avenues for pest control

Researchers led an analysis of the sequenced genomes of parasitic wasps. Generally unknown to the public, the parasitic wasps kill pest insects.

Chemical control of potato psyllid

A researcher is trying to determine the best management practices to reduce a potato crop's risk to zebra chip, a disease that discolors the potato.

New control system for Tweedy mixers

Plant bakers using Tweedy2 for the Chorleywood process will benefit from improved consistency and quality of the baked product, plus enhanced efficiency and ease of use.

Identyfying critical control points to cut food illnesses

Hazard analysis critical control point is the food safety programme most widely utilised and accepted for achieving the goal of food safety. Kerry Beach reports.






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