New benchmark for opto-mechanical components

Newport Corporation introduces two new series of opto-mechanical components. The M1 mirror mount is a highly economical component for general beam-steering applications with outstanding performance and design features.

Computerised control of optical components

The analy-SIS bx and ix control modules are an asset to support microscopy on the BX61 and IX 81.

Rapid sample analysis while maintaining resolution of components

Quadrex Corporation's range of non-polar PHAST GCTM columns with 0.10mm and 0.18mm I.D.s but with films up to 3.5microns thick. These PHAST GCTM columns allow for rapid sample analyses while maintaining ideal resolution of components.


In addition to laboratory disposable products, Treff develops and manufactures customised injection-moulded components and assemblies as OEM-partner for many leading diagnostic equipment manufacturers. Manufacture is carried out by entirely automated processes and the company is ISO9001:2000 certified.




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