Turbulent times for pharma-biotech companies

Web conference: Pharma-Biotech Licensing Deals – Stopgap Option or Way of the Future?

Sustainable footprint of chemical companies

Global chemical companies could release at least one billion Euro in cash flow if they increase their sustainability performance, according to a study.

Renewable oil companies

The entry of oil companies into the realm of renewable energy could present major obstacles for the development of a sustainable economy that is not based on carbon resources.

Cleanliness and drainability are critical for biopharma companies

Properly sloped fittings and valve selection enhance system cleanliness and drainability. Michael Bridge reports.

Companies sign-up for research into foods which enhance health

A dozen leading companies have joined forces in a £10 million partnership with the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) to support research aimed at helping the food industry develop products that deliver enhanced health benefits for consumers.

Drug discovery companies turn to low cost Asian countries to evade stringent regulations

The Indian and Chinese drug discovery outsourcing market is riding a crest with companies from outside Asia increasingly seeking to outsource drug discovery to these countries for greater cost savings.

Biotech companies must remain nimble and flexible to maintain edge

A new business model based on an innovation centre and a capability network of third parties could help biotech companies reduce both the time and cost of getting new products to market. It is no surprise, therefore, that many companies are actively considering adopting this new strategy.





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