Scientists discover new clue to the chemical origins of life

Organic chemists at the University of York have made a significant advance towards establishing the origin of the carbohydrates (sugars) that form the building blocks of life.

Fat clue to TB awakening

The factors instrumental in triggering latent tuberculosis infection to progress into active disease have long remained elusive to researchers.

Skin colour clue to nicotine dependence

Higher concentrations of melanin may be placing darker pigmented smokers at increased susceptibility to nicotine dependence and tobacco-related carcinogens than lighter skinned smokers

Biological clue in brain tumour development

Scientists have uncovered a vital new biological clue that could lead to more effective treatments for a children's brain tumour that currently kills more than 60 per cent of young sufferers.

Clue to control of mass gene expression

The discovery in common brewer's yeast of a new, infectious, misfolded protein - or prion - raises new questions about the roles played by these curious molecules.





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